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FILTECH 2013 to Highlight Innovations in Filtration Technology

By Tim Wright, editor | October 10, 2013

Event will be held Oct. 22-24 in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Filtech is one of the largest and most important filtration events worldwide. The event will feature more than 300 exhibitors on more than 8,000 square meters of exhibition ground. Over the years Filtech has successfully extended its scope of operation and features the most recent innovations in filtration and separation technologies, particle measurement and analysis systems as well as adhesive applications and specialty chemicals, composites, innovative filter media, cutting, welding and sewing equipment and many more associated industries. This exhibition is ideal for all those concerned with designing, improving, purchasing, selling or researching filtration and separation equipment and services.

According to show organizer Filtech Exhibitions Germany GmbH & Co. KG, more than 60% of the Filtech’s visitors travel to Wiesbaden from outside Germany making Filtech a truly international event and a unique platform for exhibitors to generate new business from around the world.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a 3-day conference featuring the latest advances and techniques in liquid/solid and gas/particle separation for dust, gas and air filtration.

The conference program will include over 200 lectures from 37 countries giving a representative cross-section of the different procedures and appliances of separation technology. Topics will include preparation of mineral raw materials, chemistry, environmental technology and water purification down to the pharmacy and biotechnology. In addition, the latest results from basic research will be covered, as will innovative equipment-based solutions and procedures. In addition to separation appliances and machines, this also includes filter-testing equipment, measuring devices for particle, liquid and boundary surface properties and for porometry.

The numeric simulation of pore structures and their perfusion and separation properties is becoming a lot more widespread. This topic will be dealt with in several sessions, particularly in respect to the properties of filter media.

This year the plenary lecture will come from Taiwan. Professor Allen Tung from the National Taiwan University will be talking about nature-inspired separation membranes on a biological/organic and mineral basis.

Two 1-day short courses will also take place at Filtech 2013 and are of interest to engineers, scientists, managers and other technical personnel involved in solid-liquid separation and gas-solid separation. Plant engineers, technicians and operators should find the first course, Solid/Liquid Separation, directly applicable, and graduate research students will value the expert introduction to the technologies. It is a comprehensive review of the processes involved in the separation of solids from liquids.

The second short course, Fine Dust Separation, will provide a comprehensive review of the processes involved in the separation of solid or liquid particles from gases, which will emphasize practical aspects and present appropriate theoretical information as necessary.

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