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Freudenberg's Evolon Gains Traction in Transportation Industries

By Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor | May 31, 2012

Microfilament nonwoven can protect goods during transport without fiber release or other damage.

Evolon, Freudenberg's microfilament spunlace nonwovens, can be specially adapted to the requirements of industries that need to move sensitive parts from one place to another. Evolon's extremely soft and smooth surface protects highly sensitive surfaces and avoids microscratches or texture transfer. Evolon is also extremely strong and may be used to pack and transport very heavy parts, according to Christophe Schlienger, technical packaging market manager of Freudenberg Evolon.

For automotive applications, Evolon is used in bags or textile containers that are adapted to the shape of the objects to carry or be hung in metal racks. Automotive subcontractors use Evolon textile bags for carrying molded plastic components, lacquered parts or highly complex parts, because the use of Evolon guarantees no fiber release and particularly no painting fault. Unlike short fibers, Evolon microfilaments release only 0.0001% of the fibers released by traditional packaging materials.

Evolon also offers a high-performance solution for many other packaging applications, such as in the electronics industry, for flat screen televisions, where the screen and frame must be fully protected during transport. Evolon also provides the glass industry with a solution that addresses its need to protect quality during transport.

For converters, Evolon comes with other benefits because its edges do not fray and its isotropic behavior makes it easier to place the fabric cut-outs.

Evolon is easy to clean and reusable and is an environmentally-friendly alternative, as it is a long-lasting packaging material that reduces the rate of waste of the transported parts. Additional features include breathability and permeability to solvent vapors, making Evolon significantly valuable for packaging painted parts. Outdoor storage is possible thanks to the UV filtering properties of Evolon.

"We believe that right now, Evolon is the best technical packaging solution for the demands of applications relating to the protection of sensitive parts. The comparative scratching tests we have conducted with Evolon and the main competing materials clearly show the superiority of Evolon, which offers the best protection for the surface of the object to be protected," says Schlienger.