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Sandler targets vacuum cleaner bag market

March 28, 2012

Nonwovens offer advantages like higher suction power, better moisture resistance.

Nonwovens producer Sandler is supplying nonwovens to the vacuum cleaner bag market. Bags using synthetic filter media offer a number of advantages, according to the German company, including higher suction power and better tear and moisture resistance the traditional paper bags.
All of Sandler’s materials, which combine several types of nonwovens types, are certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. These synthetic materials are therefore entirely safe, even for the youngest family members. Sandler media also cover the HEPA filter grades H10 and H11 – offering even more protection, allowing not only people with allergies to breathe easy.

Sandler’s latest development in the field of synthetic vacuum cleaner bags uses PLA, a polymer based on lactic acid and is made of renewable resources such as corn. This material features a similar performance as other high-quality synthetics and its quick drying also makes it ideally suited for application in the vacuum cleaner bag market. At the end of the product lifecycle, the advantages of a natural raw material become apparent: PLA-based media are compostable and can be recycled using established processes.
Beyond the PLA-based product Sandler offers a broad spectrum of nonwovens for vacuum cleaner bags ranging from standard spunmelt structures to customized solutions.

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