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Survey tracks consumer habits in diaper market

By Karen Bitz McIntyre, Editor | January 5, 2012

Parents influenced by performance, price above all

In an effort to gauge buying patterns of young parents when it comes to diapers, Nonwovens Industry recently sent out a survey assessing things like environmental consciousness, private label brands and the effect couponing and other promotions have on purchasing decisions.

Of the respondents, 92% listed performance as the key purchasing influence but, at the same time, 23% said they use store brands and 63% are influenced by sales, coupons or other promotions. Even more interesting, it seemed that parents of multiple children, who had been through diapering cycles before, were more likely to use private label products. Said one parent, "After four children, I finally realized the Target brand was just as good." Another parent, of three, said she used Pampers for her first two children and moved on to store brands with baby number three, using the logic, "They were less expensive but just as good."

Additionally, 50% ofparents say they would choose and environmentally friendly brand if the price is right but only 12% said the use of "green" diapers is more important than price, wanting to avoid the use of chlorine or other chemicals on their babies' skin. One respondent said she buys Seventh Generation diapers on, where they are reasonably prices.

When polled about issues with their disposable diapers, the only real problem encountered by respondents—regardless of the brand used— was occasional leakage and most admitted that these problems occur only at night or when it's time to go to the next sized diaper.

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