Techtextil 2014

By Tim Wright, editor | May 12, 2014

Techtextil North America opens its doors to industry from May 13 – 15 in Atlanta, GA.

Leading technical textile and nonwovens companies from around the world will showcase the latest products and technological advancements in textiles, nonwovens and materials during Techtextil North America 2014 in Atlanta, GA.

Techtextil North America represents all vertical aspects of the technical textile industry from research and development, through raw materials and production processes, to conversion, further treatment and recycling.

The following countries will be organizing pavilions on the show floor again this year: Germany, China, Belgium and Italy.

In addition, Techtextil North America will be debuting the first annual Graduate Student Poster Program. The program will enable graduate students to present their research to industry professionals on the show floor. The top 5 posters chosen from industry judges will be presented during the symposium.

Here is a look at what some exhibitors will highlight on the show floor.

Binsfeld Engineering
Booth 1922
Binsfeld Engineering is exhibiting at Techtextil North America for the first time. The US-based manufacturer of rotary temperature transmitters for godets and heated rolls will be displaying its expanding line of products.

New this year is the Binsfeld RT406-1C, a single CANbus transmitter designed for the popular 6-zone S5 Neumag machines. The RT406-1C complements the RT406-2C dual-CANbus transmitter introduced in 2010. The RT406-1C is a drop-in replacement that offers Binsfeld’s trademark features of reliability, onboard intelligence and generous spacing between rotating and stationary components.

Binsfeld will also be displaying its new line of calender (heated roll) transmitters, the RT310 Series, which feature error-detection and signaling to simplify trouble-shooting the machine’s temperature control system.

Another important product this year is the RT362 two-channel transmitter specifically designed for Trützschler Switzerland AG (originally, SwissTex) filament spinning machines. The RT362 is a drop-in replacement that allows fiber producers to add Binsfeld transmitter technology and reliability to existing machines without machine modification.

Binsfeld will also be demonstrating its flexible RT300 and RT350 series transmitters with multi-channel configurations to fit most machinery manufacturers including Neumag, SwissTex, Reiter, Erdmann, Toray and more. Output signals are available for Dienes or Rieter frequencies, 4-20mA and voltage systems.

In March 2013 the company launched an expanded website that included the full Binsfeld product offering including rotary temperature transmitters as well as wireless telemetry systems for measuring torque and power on rotating shafts. Shortly afterward Binsfeld introduced a mobile version for convenient access to key information from mobile devices.

In September Binsfeld Engineering was honored with an Outstanding Business Award from the Northwest Michigan Workforce Development Board for its success over more than 30 years.

In January this year Binsfeld initiated efforts to achieve ISO 9001 registration and is on schedule to achieve certification by 3Q 2014.

Card Clothing & Services (CCS)
Booth 2331

Card Clothing & Services, Inc. (CCS) is a U.S. manufacturer of fiber processing equipment that includes blending, opening, carding, cross lapping and electrical control systems. CCS equipment is built from the ground up with top quality components in its automated Huntley, IL, U.S., manufacturing facility.

The CCS blending system includes direct drive bale feed hoppers, electronic weight control, fine opening, metal extraction and automated control system. The operator is able to load entire fiber bales into the hoppers, once a predetermined recipe is selected, the system will automatically set up the correct blend percentages.

A typical CCS nonwoven line includes the latest technology in electrical controls. The control system includes recipe management, auto start/stop, alarming, motion detecting safeties, motor condition display, self diagnostics, remote access and much more. CCS is able to monitor the Nonwoven line from anywhere internet access is available.

In addition to capital equipment, CCS manufactures a full line of fine opener rolls and card cylinders. The metallic cylinder reclothing operation is able to wind rolls up to 2.5 meters in width depending on diameter. A typical CCS fine opener can be covered with metallic wire, aluminum pinned lags or large teeth depending on the desired amount of fiber opening.

CCS designs and manufactures a standard line of fiber processing equipment; we offer many different features that allow the end user to customize the equipment to suit the application. Please visit our web site links below to see the full range of the CCS products.
www.ccsloft.com; www.cardclothingservices.com

Dakota Coatings
Booth 1752

Dakota is a world player in thermoplastic and thermosetting adhesives. Its high quality powders and resins are used in the woven and nonwoven industry for various end applications in the automotive, building and textile industry. Its epoxy polyester-based resins and powders are a cost efficient alternative to existing adhesives that can save you up to 30%. Dakota’s sales engineers are experts who will provide solutions tailored to specific applications and needs. With 20 years of expertise, Dakota Coatings serves customers worldwide and excels in flexibility through offices in Belgium, the U.S., China and India.

Daroitex S.r.l.
Booth 1847

Daroitex S.r.l. has been undergoing continuous growth since 1989 and works in direct contact with its clients, in order to satisfy their requests and produce finishing machinery specifically for their needs.

The company, set up as a direct result of the experience of its managing director, Fulvio Da Roit, together with the collaboration of highly qualified personnel, operates globally in the field of textile preparation, finishing and end lines for nonwovens, spunbond material and geotextiles.

Daroitex’s portfolio includes machines for technical fabrics and nonwovens with a large width; inspection/winding machines for all types of fabric up to 6 mts width; automatics packing machines for heavy and very large rolls; complete personalized inspection and packing lines; high speed slitting machine for paper, film and spunbond; doubling machine in very large width up to 6mts (axial and tangential winding); winding/roll-up devices in very large width up to 7 mts; and loom batch for fiber glass and delicate fabric.

Booth 1724

Datacolor, a global leader in color management and color communication technology, will feature their color management at Techtextil North America. To be globally competitive today, apparel and textile companies have to deal with shorter lead times, cost pressures, and increased quality and productivity demands. Datacolor’s proven solutions help apparel and textile companies address these critical issues by enabling all partners in a textile supply chain to expedite color development and deliver optimum color management, adding significant value to the complex global sourcing process. Datacolor solutions, such as our Datacolor 600 series spectrophotometers, Datacolor 45 series spectrophotometers, Datacolor Tools quality control software and Datacolor Match Textile matching software will be on display. Information regarding application and support services, as well as training and seminars will also be available. 

Haining Guangyu Warp Knitting
Booth 1626

Haining Guangyu Warp Knitting Co., Ltd., was founded in 2003 and specializes in manufacturing coated material, such as coated flex banners and coated tarpaulin. Guangyu’s coated tarpaulin is used as truck cover material, as well as tent and side curtains.

Booth 2221

ICEsonic will be exhibiting with Zimmer America, debuting their new technology, Dry Ice + abrasive blasting attachment.

The IS 77S is a popular and effective solution for specific needs. With a unique specially coated, disc-style aluminum air lock, the IS 77S is both reliable and powerful. The aluminum air lock is powered by a VFD controlled 0.75kW electric motor, and also features PLC and 1” filter regulator. Built with high quality engineering, the IS 77S can take up any challenge. The IS 77S is an efficient and cost effective solution.

Dry Ice + is a module that affixes to any existing ICEsonic dry ice blasting machine that will introduce an abrasive media into the dry ice stream during the cleaning process.  

Dry Ice + saves dry ice and cleans faster; removes stubborn contaminants that dry ice alone can’t handle; reduces clean up time; reduces waste—conventional sandblasting generates up to 50 times more waste; is able to mix media, Dry Ice + on the same machine; and offers faster and more powerful blasting.

The ICEsonic Dry Ice + technology produces clean, satin finish. The surface will not be closed or altered due to the low kinetic energy impact, (unlike high energy produced by sand blasting).

Applications of Dry Ice + technology include rust removal, paint stripping, surface coating removal—e.g. epoxy and galvanizing; graffiti removal; surface preparation before painting or coating; and NDT or visual crack detection surface preparation.

The ICEsonic DRY ICE + attachments are available for all ICEsonic models.

Louis P. Batson Company
Booth 1818

Louis P. Batson Company has been a long-time exhibitor at Techtextil and it’s predecessor, ATME-I. On display this year will be a comprehensive collection of machinery accessories, spare parts, and plant supplies for nonwoven, as well as technical textile operations.

Items displayed include MBC Guttin safety chucks, air shafts and spreader rolls; Dollfus & Muller mesh dryer belts; Nextwire steel mesh screens and belts; Cambridge straight-line metal belting; Gerlach tenter clips, chains and brushes; Ge-I-Lube oils and greases, slitter blades and blade holders, a large selection of roll covering and Greased Lightning degreasers and cleaners. Numerous weaving supplies will also be on hand including Klöcker selvage leno devices, pin plates, narrow fabric needles, textile combs, lease rods, warp tying accessories, wooden and aluminum cloth rolls, plastic sleeves and much more.

Informational literature will be available on the Hansa foaming and frothing equipment, RF Systems radio frequency dryers, Quick Vac trim and waste removal systems, as well as a line of coating machinery, SMIT weaving machinery, Flainox garment dyeing machinery, Twistechnology ring twisters, and Hsiang Chuan braiding machinery.

Since 1948, Louis P. Batson Company has been a supplier of capital equipment, machinery accessories, spare parts, plant supplies and technical service to the textile, nonwoven, converting, composite and recycling industries.

Booth 1764

MDM NT SP ZO.O from Poland is a manufacturer of high quality vapor permeable and vapor proof films made of PP and PE, which can be applied in many sectors such as construction, clothing industry, packaging, insulation and many others.

The film production takes place on a modern, sharp-edge manufacturing line in Europe located in MDM’s new factory—an investment carried out in years 2010-2012—in southern Poland.

According to customers’ needs and demand, there is a possibility to use one of MDM’s standard products or to develop a customized film that would correspond with client’s expectations and application conditions.

A unique connection of new technology, experience and strict quality control is a guarantee that the product will represent high and stable quality.

MDM’s key products are breathable roof underlays Ventia and Vaxo, and polypropylene microporous water permeable membrane.

MDM offers 2 types of polypropylene functional films: Vapor-tight films that can be used in building industry, as well as in technical and medical products; and diffusion open microporous films, designed for construction industry as breathable roof underlays, and also protective and outdoor clothing and care products.

MDM provides a wide range of typical films and is open for cooperation with customers interested in developing new applications.

Features of MDM’s films are: Weight of 20-70g/m2; thickness of 22-75um; and water permeability of 0,01-100m.

Due to modern technology of ultrasonic lamination, MDM became a leading European supplier of breathable roof underlays and vapor barriers. The company offers multi-layer underlays made of highly selected raw materials.

Underlays are available in weights 95g-230g/m2 and their quality is confirmed by certificates such as German ZVDH, British BBA, and French CSTB.

Booth 1341

Norafin, an innovative solution provider for technical nonwovens, will display at this year’s Techtextil North America its assortment of engineered fabrics based on natural fibers as well as product novelties for protective apparel and industrial applications.

Norafin will introduce its range of flax nonwovens for the composites and construction industries as well as its further developed assortment of protective clothing, Norafin Komanda. It is a range of functional nonwovens for heat, flash fire and arc flash protection offering a combination of lightest surface weight and highest arc protection available (tested according to NFPA 70E Hazard Rating Categories 2 & 3).

In addition, the company has developed electrically conductive nonwovens together with its industrial partners. The electrically heatable and drapable materials, which have an excellent ability to absorb resins, were conceptualized especially for panel heating elements and electrodes. The conductive materials can be used as molding tools or for anti-static applications in the composites sector.

Novafloor S.r.l.
Booth 1506

Novafloor means high-value and technical surface materials. The private company founded in 1969 in Olbia, Sardinia is one of the most experienced in the flock market.

The core competence is the production of micro-cut fibers (Flock), flocked surfaces and technical fabrics as well as flocked yarns in different colors and designs. An internal R&D department with the team is constantly available to satisfy and assist inquiries and ideas. The main fields of operation are the automotive market, upholstery and furnishing as well as several technical applications. Novafloor is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

Technical flocked surfaces
With the Novafloor materials and through the different patterns customers can achieve endless model possibilities. The material characteristics can be adjusted on the target group (i.e. velors, technical or sport structures) without having to engage or modify the production process or tools. It is possible to realize the most different haptics, touch and feelings.

Novafloor says its products satisfy demands for abrasion, resistance to use, cleanability and low emissions, and can develop and dispose the necessary characteristics for diverse application fields.

The company says its material is well equipped to absorb noises and friction reduction without altering the surface structure. Novafloor says its materials offer harmonic combinations of all different materials.

Polytex Plastics
Booth 2120

Polytex Plastics Co., Ltd. is showing its major products manufactured in factories strategically located in Korea, China and Vietnam. It has vertically integrated facilities offering capabilities from extrusion to weaving and coating, and says it can meet and develop customer’s unique requirements on top of its standard products.

In Korea Polytex manufactures high quality polypropylene or polyethylene fabrics for construction applications such as roofing underlay and building insulation. Weight gram per square meter is 60gsm ~ 300gsm(1.8oz/sq.yard ~ 9oz/sq.yard); available width is 100cm ~ 240cm(40inch ~ 95inch). Features include low shrinkage property at high temperature, which are very important features for roofing underlay; fire retardant meeting NFPA701 standard; UV treated for high UV countries or applications; corona treatment for excellent bonding or laminating with other substrates such as aluminum foil or PE foams; high tensile strength; and big rolls up to 10,000m per roll (computerized labeling and tracking of each roll is supported); and U.S. import duty exemption due to U.S.-Korea free trade agreement.

In China Polytex offers big-sized polyethylene tarpaulins that are available for grain cover, ground-sheet of bunker silos and construction scaffolding usage. Sizes vary from small up to 50m x 50m large tarpaulins. They are available with finishes such as eyelets, ropes, hems and printing. The big tarpaulins are folded for easy unfolding at the site. The company says these tarpaulins offer economic solutions for the UN or other relief projects. Big rolls are also available for local converters.

In Vietnam Polytex most recently set-up operation with wide width looms, wide width polyethylene fabrics available for flexi-tank fabrication, house-wrap, mining duct, lumber wrap, steel wrap and poultry cover. Widths of up to 400cm(157-inch) without welding in the middle are available along with fine printing capabilities. Finished mining ducts are available with various duct shapes as well as big size wraps with less mid-welding that guarantees higher strength.

Polyvlies Franz Beyer GmbH & Co. KG
Booth 3040

Founded in 1850, the Polyvlies Group today has over 400 employees at 4 locations in Europe. In addition to the headquarters in the north west of Germany, the company is also represented in Saxonia, France and Slovakia. In the near future Polyvlies will also have a location in the North Carolina in the U.S.

Polyvlies develops, produces and finishes technical nonwovens made out of synthetic, natural and/or mineral fibers. That offers a vast number of variations and processing possibilities. Because of incorporating the most modern technology Polyvlies is capable of producing technical textiles with a maximum working width of 6 meters and weights from 80 to 4 000 g/m². The focus on customer orientation and joint application-specific developments have resulted in a range of more than 6 000 products that are produced from a number of different raw materials in an order-specific production procedure for various sectors (e.g. automotive, home textiles and geotextiles etc.).

Polyvlies Group provides products under six disctinct brand names: Polytherm, a thermally bonded, high loft nonwovens for insulation; Polyvlies, a wide ranging variety of needle formed fabrics using natural and synthetic fibers; Narodur, a strong, rigid and light weight duroplastic natural fiber composite ideal for compression molding for carrier parts in the automotive, shipbuilding or furniture industries; Naroplast, a strong thermoplastic natural fiber composite that combines impact resistance and low basis weight and is ideal for compression molding in the automotive industry (e.g. One-Shot procedure); Vitratex, glass-fiber nonwovens and nonwovens blends with staple fibers such as polypropylene, polyester, polyamide or acrylic; SkillCoat, a synthetic nonwoven offering high tensile strength lengthwise, particularly suitable as filter media, protection and positioning units of sealing sheets, carrier material for roof sheeting and sealing sheets, impregnated composites or carrier parts for conveyor belts.

Booth 2042

Procotex, known as a specialist in the preparation of flax and as a leader in the recycling of natural and synthetic fibers, now offers a large range of solutions for the composite industry.

Procotex proposes solutions for all kind of composite processes including compounding, thermoplast, thermoset and plastics. With more than 50 years of experience in the flax preparation and 25 years in recycling business, the company specializes in advising customers on natural and synthetic fibers.

It is able to process all kinds of fiber with a length comprised between 250 µm to 300 mm in cut or milled form or pulp (dry & wet milling) and propose compatible, resistant and cost effective solutions for the composite world, the flax UD. The recycled natural fibers range consists of flax, coconut, kenaf, sisal, jute, hemp and many other natural fibers.

Procotex’s recycled synthetic fibers range consists of para and meta-aramid, PAN, carbon, PP, PA, PA6.6 and many other man-made fibers. For many years, Procotex has been a major supplier of recycled PP fibers to the nonwoven and geotextiles industry.

Due to the acquisition of Apply Carbon, Procotex inherited many years of technological experience in the milling and cutting of carbon fibers. It develops projects in high resistant plastics—composites, buoyancy, brake linings—or in conductive/antistatic plastics—electrical cabinet, computer components.

SDL Atlas
Booth 2227

SDL Atlas sales staff and technical experts will be on hand at Techtextil North America to answer questions and conduct demonstrations of a variety of SDL Atlas testing technology throughout the show.

In addition to showcasing core products such as Tinius-Olsen universal testing equipment, Moisture Management Tester, Hydrostatic Head Tester, PowerTear High Energy Elmendorf, Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester, Air Permeability Tester, and SnapRite Snap Tester, SDL Atlas will also feature their newest product, the Fabric Touch Tester (FTT).

The FTT is the first device with the ability to objectively and quantitatively measure fabric hand and skin touch comfort. This innovative instrument permits quality control and research and development laboratories to measure and predict the comfort perception of all types of fabrics. Precise objective measurements make the FTT an excellent communication tool among designers, retailers, and their vendors about comfort requirements. Studies have shown that measurements from the FTT correlate with human subjective touch sensations.

FTT demonstrations will be done at the SDL Atlas booth, #2227, throughout the show. If you would like to make an appointment for a more detailed demonstration, please contact Melissa Nypaver at mnypaver@sdlatlas.com.

With offices in the United States, Hong Kong and China, plus agents in over 100 countries, SDL Atlas is the world leader in textile testing equipment. SDL Atlas provides customers with confidence in standards based testing through expertise and global partnering.

Shakespeare Conductive Fibers
Booth 2060

Shakespeare Conductive Fibers will showcase their new Resistat Conductive Polyester Fibers for anti-static applications. The fibers are melt-extruded with bicomponent technology providing a strong Polyester core and an electrically conductive, carbon sheath. The conductive sheath material surrounds the fiber and gives maximum surface contact for conducting and safely dissipating electro-static charges. The staple fibers are available in 3, 6 and 15 denier per filament with standard cut lengths of 38 MM crimped, 50 MM crimped and 75 MM.

The primary markets for the polyester fibers are anti-static filtration and medical fabrics. The fibers are suitable for carding and/or blending for dry laid or needle punched fabrics. Shakespeare also offers conductive Polyester continuous-filament yarns in 20, 40 and 75 denier. These filament yarns are suitable for weaving into scrim fabrics to enhance across- fabric performance.

Shakespeare also supports the nonwoven fabric industry with their Sanstat Carbon Suffused Nylon Monofilament. These conductive monofilaments are the solution of choice for eliminating static in the processing belts used in the production of nonwoven fabrics.

For over 30 years, the Resistat fiber collection and Sanstat monofilaments have provided effective anti-static solutions to industry wherever costly and often dangerous problems are caused by static electricity.

Spoolex Company
Booth 1715

Spoolex Company will present through its Calemard brands its slitting, rewinding and splicing technologies.

With more than 200 spooling units in production worldwide, Calemard is worldwide recognized as a leader in providing efficient solutions for spooling sensitive, elastic or multi-layer material for hygiene applications.

The famous Pegase is the world leading solution to produce jumbo spools. The spooling technology has been engineered to boost productivity of production lines with the use of high capacity spools up to Ø 1200 mm x 850 mm width. In average, strip on a jumbo spool is 10 times longer than slit pancakes/reels. Calemard self-traverse technology guarantees to produce at high-speed (600 m/min) spools of a strip with no stress, no tension, no elongation and no twist.

Recently launched during INDEX 14, the new Pegase 3 is the company’s most successful and innovative machine. Engineered as a global concept, this state of the art complete line is fully automated, with new technical development for higher productivity, reduces labor contents in production, reduces downtimes, optimizes the cycle time and reduces wastes.

The company’s spooling expertise also allows it to propose other solutions for narrow strips, with for example the Aquila and Gemini line to produce spools of up to Ø 500 x 500 mm with 3 to 70 mm strip and with different shapes.

In addition the Calemard brand also manufactures versatile, reliable and compact slitter-rewinders. The technical slitter-rewinders are proven solutions, synonymous with productivity and quality on demanding projects.

The range of equipment allows converting efficiently various types of nonwovens and technical textiles for applications such as wet-wipes, automotive and filtration. On one side, the range includes large slitters to convert mother rolls up to Ø 1,200 mm x 3,400 mm width into Ø 1,000 mm x 20 mm width pancakes. The company also offers narrow precise slitters to convert mother rolls up to Ø 500 mm x 500 mm width into Ø 500 mm x 6 mm width narrow pancakes.

Due to their modular design Spoolex’s machines can be adapted with many configurations: Separate or integrate unwinder; double unwinder for tubing operations; loading system from floor; splicing table; pivoting rewinding bars; specific unloading trolleys; and also different cutting technologies for a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product and the application such as crush, shear, razor blades and, through the Decoup+ brand, ultrasonic cutting.

Involved for more than 30 years in continuous ultrasonic cutting/sealing systems through the Decoup+ brand, Spoolex proposes different ultrasonic splicing solutions depending on each specific need. It is able to propose manual device, semi-automatic or automatic solutions, modules to install on existing line or complete bench and for butt-to-butt splicing (with our without ironing), standard overlap splicing or no tail overlap splicing.

Technova S.r.l.
Booth 1506

Technova S.r.l. is leader in the production of flocked yarn. An internal R&D department with its team is constantly available to satisfy and assist inquiries and ideas.

The main reference fields are the automotive market, upholstery, furnishing as well as several technical applications. Tecnova is certified ISO TS 16949:2009.

The company produces flocked yarns used in several fields including the automotive market, medical applications, furnishing and clothing market.

The flocked yarn has a velvet appearance with soft touch. It is applied with success in automotive market and upholstery due to its high comfort, its air-permeability and constant exchange of temperature. It offers endless application opportunities.

The flocked yarn absorbs noises and reduces friction. It is used for electrical movements inside the car through flexible shafts for sunroofs or seats.

In addition the high comfort levels of flocked yarn is requested by the clothing market, where it has been present for long time. Fabrics equipped with flocked yarn increase and obtain the high comfort level the industry demands.

Booth 1349

Textube, a division of GS Industries, is the leader in supplying to the carpet and textile industries plastic yarn cones and cylinders. With two-color technology over thirty different colors allow customers to select hundreds of two-color combinations for positive identification of yarn count, blends, processing machines, plant locations, etc. The plastic yarn carriers offer consistent dimensional precision with high stability under load. The multi-cycle durability of heavy wall carriers combined with the cost-efficient reliability of thin-wall carriers.

Seldom does a plastic product that costs only a few pennies come with such a wealth of application expertise, paying off in uniform, consistent yarn packages, satisfying processors with smooth running performance from tail to tail in weaving and knitting while providing an opportunity for a positive impact on the environment through recycling.

They say you cannot use plastic cylinders to produce filament yarn but they are wrong. Textube again is on the cutting edge of supplying to the industry a plastic cylinder that supports the production of filament yarn with in the extrusion process. Contact us and let us prove this process to you. We will supply samples and have boots on the ground at your facility to conduct the test. We are a small company with a wealth of knowledge and proven expertise.

Zimmer America Corp.
Booth 2221

Zimmer America Corporation is a technology and machinery solutions provider for state-of-the-art textile and carpet machinery, including digital printing equipment. Zimmer also supplies innovative nonwoven machines for carding, airlay, needling, and crosslapping.

Zimmer supplies, installs, and services all machinery and provides custom engineering, after- sales service, and spare parts. From its nonwoven division, it will have Texnology and Bematic present at the booth.

Texnology is an innovator and forerunner in nonwoven technology machinery and a world leader in highspeed crosslapper systems. Texnology also manufacturers web drafters, profiling systems and complete turnkey lines. With the model Ellitica, Texnology developed a groundbreaking new needle loom with elliptical needle movement.

Bematic is experienced in the manufacturing of nonwoven machinery, including blending, opening and mixing machines, and carding machines. Bematic’s state-of-the-art airlay systems—the Bematic T-Max—are able to process any type of fiber. Bematic’s machines are simple but effective and versatile to suit customers’ demands.

Bematic and Texnology are offering new technology. Polaris offers direct needling of fiber mats. The main components of this state-of-the-art system are: Web Former T-Max Bematic; Bettarini & Serafini srl; and Needleloom Ellittica Texnology.

Features include: Medium-height weight/density range; triple production capacity compared to conventional carding-lapping technology; low energy consumption; requires no gas or chemicals to bond the fibers; all kinds of fiber can be processed including mineral, synthetic, natural, staple, or regenerated fibers; best performing fiber features, obtained through patented batt forming system; soft, step-by-step fiber opening with less breakage; needling without dimensional distortion due to unique and original Texnology patented system.

In addition, Zimmer would like to highlight simple line configuration; smaller line that occupies less space; working width of over 5 meters; and an entry level budget price.

Texnology’s new technology is the Crosslapper X-Series. The new economical crosslapper Sintesi is the essence of the most advanced lapping technology. Distinctive features that make Sintesi unique in its category include short textile circuit with just one return of the web; absence of lapping cylinders; and pneumatic recovery of the web during reversal with profiling implementable from panel.

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