Filtration 2012 SHOW PREVIEW

November 16, 2012

The premier filtration event in the Americas is set to take place from November 13-15, 2012 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, Pa. For more than 20 years key players from across the filter supply chain have gathered at Filtration to showcase their latest products and technologies. The INDA-organized exhibition is a must attend event for global filter manufacturers and with more than 125 exhibitors on hand for this year’s show, it offers an excellent opportunity to network with the industry.

In addition to the main exhibition, a world-class conference will run concurrently. Filtration 2012 Conference will feature the following sessions: Air & Liquid Tutorials; Filtration in the Future; Automotive & Transportation; and In Situ vs. Lab Testing.

On Wednesday, November 14 from 9:00 a.m. – 9:45 a.m., Dr. Andreas Kreuter, speaker of the management board, Freudenberg Filtration Technologies, will deliver the keynote address titled, “Trends in Automotive – Implications for Filtration.” Dr. Kreuter will offer insights on trends in the automotive industry and its implications on filtration from the perspective of Freudenberg – an 8 billion US$ multinational business group with a large share of its portfolio serving automotive customers in filtration and beyond.

Here is a preview of what some exhibitors will bring to Filtration 2012.

Anbao (Qinhuangdao) Wire & Mesh Co., Ltd.

Booth 124

Anbao (Qinhuangdao) Wire & Mesh Co., Ltd. produces high quality wire mesh, knitting mesh, and sinter mesh products widely used in the petrochemicals, seawater desalination and food industries. With the sophisticated technology of gas/liquid separation, the company is capable of supplying various styles of mesh demisters and other different types of wire mesh.

Anping County Anhesheng Hardware Mesh Products Co., Ltd.
Booth 333

Anping County Anhesheng Hardware Mesh Products Co., Ltd. offers filtration material including stainless steel mesh, expanded metal, perforated metal, filtration caps and sintered mesh. Filtration equipment parts include air, oil and liquid filter parts, filter elements, filter screens, filter discus and filter tubes.

Anping KingDeLong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.

Booth 424

Anping KingDeLong Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. (KDL) offers a wide variety of netting, mesh, and rigid mesh tubes used as components for air, water, and gas separation and filtration. These products are used across a wide range of filtration industries including automotive, water purification, hydraulic filtration, fuel filtration, beverage filtration, medical filtration, and food processing.

Anping Senming Wire Mesh Co., Ltd.
Booth 120
www.wiremesh-py.com; www.wirecloth-filter.com

Anping Senming Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. offers a range of filters, filter mesh, filter discs, filter tubes, filter cylinders, wire mesh, and black wire cloth.

Booth 710

DiloGroup will provide extensive information about production lines made in Germany and recent machine concepts from the DiloGroup companies DiloTemafa, DiloSpinnbau and DiloMachines. A major focus of the new equipment is to improve operation efficiency, web quality and uniformity with positive effects on all staple fiber bonding processes. All these elements belong to the “Dilo – Isomation” process and aim at an even web mass for reduced fiber consumption as raw material is the biggest cost factor in textile production.

One machine contributing to this process is the dosing opener DON manufactured by DiloTemafa, which provides an intense opening of the fiber material. It delivers the fibrous material continuously and homogeneously to the card feeder.

Another effort to increase productivity is the card feeder MultiFeed designed by DiloSpinnbau, which is available in working widths up to five meters. This machine using a “twinflow” infeed to increase homogeneity offers a capacity of over 400 kg/hour/m of working width when processing 1.7 dtex fibers. The use of a “twinflow” infeed results in a more homogeneous flock mass flow.

The MultiCard, also designed by DiloSpinnbau, has a high production availability due to its easy and fast accessibility for cleaning and maintenance work. It handles the full range of fiber fineness and length with a web speed potential of up to 200 meters per minute making it an economic solution for cross laid nonwoven production.

In addition, Dilo crosslappers providing infeed speeds up to 160 meters per minute (DL series) may be equipped with the redesigned Webguide from DiloMachines, which also improves felt homogeneity and results in fiber savings. DiloMachines offers a wide range of vertical and horizontal crosslappers, which ensure high layering precision based on excellent web control.

The portfolio of DiloMachines includes the complete range of needlelooms, from a single board needling on one side up to two boards from each side, plus structuring and patterning options. Endless felt tubes can be needled and also wide working width belts for papermachine clothing applications. The development of needlelooms continues. Elliptical and circular needlebeam movements are used to control drafts in the needling zone and to provide high speed felt production especially in the low weight range.

Elmarco, Inc.
Booth 534

Elmarco is a supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment. It builds its success on partnerships with global industry leaders in a wide area of applications and on a close and active cooperation with leading universities worldwide. Nanofibers can improve filtration products in ways, which will enable the production of higher quality, higher margin products. Improved filtration efficiency with nominal pressure drop increases will provide filter users with lower operating cost through reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs. Elmarco’s Nanospider production equipment allows the filter manufacturer to optimize the nanofiber layer to meet the growing demands of the filtration market. The filtration benefits of Nanospider electrospun nanofiber webs originate from a combination of features that differentiates them from other filter media technology. Nanospider’s ability to deposit a monolayer of continuous fibers results in highly porous webs of very light weight, finished materials.

Enka Tecnica
Booth 427

For more than 50 years, Enka Tecnica has supplied spinnerets and extrusion dies for the
synthetic fiber industry. Its activities in the nonwovens sector consists of supplying long spunbond spinnerets, melt blowing die tips and hydroentangling jet strips. A smaller but growing part of Enka Tecnica’s activity is dedicated to micro products, such as special nozzles for follow fiber membranes. During the past 15 years, Enka Tecnica has become a leading supplier of nozzles for the production of hollow fiber membranes, mainly for dialysis for the medical sector and ultrafiltration for the water sector. Enka Tecnica is capable of producing extremely critical and delicate nozzle assemblies for the production of high quality hollow fiber membranes with accurate tolerances in terms of wall thickness and concentricity.

Fi-Tech, Inc.
Booth 427

For more than 20 years Fi-Tech has been an importer and distributor of wire mesh filter screens to the extrusion industry. It stocks a large inventory of filter screens in its Richmond, Va., warehouse for many OEM extrusion lines installed in the U.S. Whether the need is for belt filters or spot welded screens for screen changers or bound filters for filament, staple, meltblown, spunbond, recycling or other melt extrusion process, Fi-Tech offers cost effective filters for many applications.

Idrosistem Energy Srl

Booth 427

Pure water is an essential for stable spunlace production. Idrosistem Energy Srl is the world’s only supplier of water filtration plants designed specifically for this critical application. Idrosistem offers a complete range of solutions for water recycling and wastewater treatment including sand filters with patented back-washing and internal flotation, dissolved air flotation, UV sterilization and the patented Band Bio Float filter, which combines a band filter with flotation and biological treatment in one compact unit.

International Perforating Services
Booth 427

International Perforating Services (IPS) offers high quality perforating of nonwovens, plastic film, paper, foil, foam, and artificial leather with perfect holes from start to finish. Reasons for perforating include filtration, acoustics, breathability and visual transparency. Applications are wall coverings, car seats, cinema screens, sound insulation, shoe insoles, wiping cloths, medical dressings, in-store signs and one-way vision film. In addition to performing contracting perforating, IPS can also supply perforated polyester film and perforated polyester nonwoven to replace the traditional perforated metal cartridge filter tubes. The advantage of the polyester tubes is that they can be recycled and they can easily be printed with the filter company’s name or logo.

ITW Dynatec
Booth 516

ITW Dynatec provides the latest in hot melt adhesive equipment and technology for those requiring slot, bead or spray applications. On display will be a coating and laminating technology known in the industry as UFD, or Uniform Fiber Deposition. This non-contact spray application for hot melt adhesives is ideal for laminating substrates together with little to no pressure drop. UFD applicators can achieve coat weights below 1 GSM with total control over fiber diameter and pattern density for even cross web distribution. The system produces very fine monofilament fibers similar to the way a spunbond material is made. Additional technologies for slot and bead applications will also be on display.

Booth 618

Kem-Wove, Inc. is a high loft nonwoven manufacturer and brings to market their full line of dual density filtration media. The line consists of a wide range of fiber deniers and compositions creating unique and highly efficient products. Materials are run in different weights, thicknesses and colors including black. Width capabilities out to 120-inch wide master rolls are available along with multiple sized slits, perfed panels, and pleat able and/or heat sealable media. Kem-Wove can match required specifications and colors to create desired products.

Liaoning Goldflon New Material Co., Ltd.
Gold Fluoride is a private company engaged in processing PTFE material. At present it offers the following categories of products: PTFE short fiber; PTFE long fiber; PTFE sewing thread; PTFE fabric and needle felt; and, PTFE film and coated products. They are widely used in the field of high temperature filtration material production.

Booth 427

Mahlo’s new IMF sensor accurately measures both basis weight and moisture with a single sensor. The IMF sensor is ideally suited for nonwoven webs in the eight to 80 gsm weight range. For a typical polypropylene nonwoven web, the Mahlo IMF exhibits measurement repeatability in the tenths of a gsm. Simultaneous moisture measurement repeatability is better than 0.1 percent. A different infrared wavelength is used for the basis weight and moisture, and at least two independent reference wavelengths for each measurement eliminate any influence (crosstalk) between moisture and basis weight.


Möller, located in Meschede, Germany, is one of the leading European manufacturers of extruded plastic profiles. Möller specializes in producing all kinds of extruded filter frames and accessories for the air filter industry. All profiles and accessories are distributed to filter manufacturers in over 20 countries in Europe and Asia and soon they will be also available in the U.S. Möller manufactures profiles and
accessories for 20
mm (3/4”) and 25 mm (1”) bag filters as well as for 48 mm (2”), 78 mm (3”), 96 mm (4”) and 150 mm (6”) panel filters with and without header frame. Moreover, Möller also carries Vcompact filters in its product range. Thanks to the simple snap-in method, the profiles and corner pieces are easy and fast to assemble. All frame profiles and corners are made of polystyrene (PS) and can be completely incinerated.

Pujiang Howay Filter Co., Ltd.
Booth 324

Pujiang Howay Filter Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing metal filter elements with sintered metal fiber media. These serve polymer, gas, liquid and oil filtration and are key parts both in biaxial oriented film (BOPET, BOPP, BOPA, BOPI) and filament spinning equipment.

Quantachrome Instruments
Booth 708

Quantachrome instruments will be exhibiting the Porometer 3G. The Porometer 3G series of capillary flow porometers includes three models to best fit the widest range of through-pore size and bubble point applications. It offers automatic measurements of filters, membranes, woven, and non-woven textiles, papers, etc., in a compact yet powerful tabletop unit. Pressure capabilities of 0.015 to 500 psi represent a pore size range extending from over 500µm to 0.02µm and lower. Available options include liquid permeability, in-plane porometry, and more.

Booth 427

Reicofil will highlight its spunbond and melt blowing lines. Reicofil offers high productivity and quality nonwovens production lines, whether it is for spunbond, meltblown, composites, bi-component, fine denier, or PET fabrics. With a production speed of up to 1,000 meters per minute, the new Reicofil six-beam plant for hygienic and medical applications is the fastest running pilot line in the world, according to the company. It is one of two lines available to Reicofil customers in the company’s new 20,000 square foot nonwovens technology center opened in April 2008. A key feature of Reicofil’s melt blowing pilot line is its flexibility. It offers customers the opportunity to develop products with specific barrier, absorption and filtration properties.

Sailaoqi Gauze Filter
Booth 423

Sailaoqi will exhibit several of its products including its Nylon6 monofilament filter mesh, mainly used in industrial water and solid filtration; Nylon66 monofilament filter mesh, mainly used for pharmacy, food and beverage, automotive and screen printing applications; and polyester monofilament filter mesh, mainly used in dust proof and screen printing applications.

Sailaoqi can also provide customized service, such as cutting and welding. The postprocessing products Sailaoqi plans to exhibit include heat cutting mesh ribbons; laster cutting mesh pieces; ultrasonic joining, welding and seaming mesh tubes; metalized filter mesh media; napped fabric; plastic joining filter mesh such as liquid medicine filters and blood transfusion filters.

Superior Felt & Filtration
Booth 601

Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC will showcase an impressive variety of nonwoven filtration textiles. As a manufacturer, Superior Felt & Filtration will be offering pressed SAE wool, needle punch and synthetic material samples to attendees interested in nonwovens associated with appliance, automotive, HVAC, HEPA, medical and industrial filtration. As a convertor, the company will offer a versatile array of die cut, slit and manufactured filter composites for a wide spectrum of industries. With value added, die cutting, slitting, adhesive coating, printing and private label packaging, Superior Felt & Filtration, LLC can partner to take designs to completion.

Testori USA
Booth 117

Testori USA, Inc., brings an innovative filter media approach to Filtration 2012. It offers treated and specialty dust felts, woven fabrics, air slide fabrics and liquid filtration felts along with high quality, European technical filter media that is stocked in its central U.S. warehouse and ready for immediate shipment to dust collector bag manufacturers. Testori offers personal service with more than 40 years of experience in filter media. Request technical support and training at no charge. Special recommendations or warranties for large or complicated projects are always available.

Booth 427

Established in 1892, Ungricht has more than 100 years experience in roll manufacturing and engraving technology. Through a long history of continuous development and investment in new technology, Ungricht is today one of the world’s leading roll suppliers and offers a full service for roll manufacturing and engraving. Ungricht’s product offering to the nonwovens industry includes thermal bonding calender rolls, embossing rolls, coating rolls, heated rolls, cooling rolls, smooth rolls, calibrating rolls and ultrasonic anvil rolls—all supported by a library of more than 20,000 engraving patterns. In addition to new rolls, Ungricht also offers re-engraving and refurbishing services for damaged or worn rolls.

Wista Perforating Machines
Booth 427

Wista is a supplier of punch perforating and micro-perforating machines and tools. Punch perforating is generally used for producing visible holes and micro-perforating is thought of as producing “invisible” holes. Whatever the perforating requirements, Wista has a solution. In addition to supplying perforating machines and tools, Wista also offers contract perforating services where it has 22 of its own machines in full production. This provides WISTA with constant feedback for improving the performance and efficiency of its perforating machines.

Booth 720

Jiaxing Zhe Gong CNC Welding Machine (Zgtek) Co., Ltd. will present its most advanced filter cage welding line, with all the latest filter cage welding technologies, e.g. direct welding of galvanized wires, bad weld detection and auto re-weld, etc. The cage welding line features the fifth generation cage welding machine and the second generation automatic ring making machine. Zgtek is a supplier of filter cage welding machines, providing a wide ranging product portfolio from stand-alone machines to whole automated lines, with best-in-class flexibility, quality and cost-efficiency. The company is located in Jiaxing, which is next to Shanghai. Zgtek’s main products include filter cage welding machines—round/tubular cage, star cage, oval/flat cages, split cage, conical cage; wire straightening and cutting machines; auto ring making machines; top and bottom cap/collar welders; butt welding machines; venturi tube welders; and cage welding assisting machines.

Zhejiang Hengze Filter Material Co. Ltd.
Zhejiang Hengze Filter Material Co. Ltd. produces non-woven filter material and dust collection filter bags for bag house filters. It also produces press filter bags and micron rated liquid filter bags. In addition the company provides accessories for bag house filters.

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