33rd Annual Buyers' Guide

August 17, 2005

This annual guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe in one comprehensive listing. This guide is divided into six sections—machinery and equipment suppliers, raw material producers, roll goods manufacturers, commission converters, consultants and trade associations. Additionally a cross reference section organized alphabetically is provided at the end of the machinery and equipment, raw materials and roll goods sections.

How To Use This International Buyers’ Guide:

For the 33rd year in a row, our annual Buyers’ Guide lists nearly every supplier and producer of nonwovens around the globe. Readers have access in one comprehensive issue to information on suppliers of machinery and equipment, raw materials and roll goods as well as commission converting services, consulting services and associations. The listings include contact addresses, phone and fax numbers and, for those companies that supplied them, e-mail and Internet addresses.
    Lists suppliers of Machinery and Equipment for the manufacture of nonwovens; the company listings are complemented by cross references that follow the listings.
    Lists suppliers of Raw Materials. A cross reference section detailing the products offered by the companies follows the listings.
    Lists producers of nonwoven Roll Goods, along with details on processes used, fiber types, product sizes and trade names. A cross reference section organized by technology is included at the end of the alphabetical list.
    Contains a list of Commission Converters that deal specifically with the nonwovens industry. Each company’s specialty and plant locations are provided.
    Is a listing of the key Consultants to the nonwovens industry.
    Provides information about worldwide Trade Associations involved with the industry.
All companies are listed in alphabetical order in the section in which we determined they best fit. Some may appear in more than one section because of overlapping capabilities, although most appear only once. Information contained in each section varies according to the requirements of that segment of the industry. See the opposite page for an alphabetical index of corresponding page numbers for all three cross reference sections.

The information in this International Buyers’ Guide was supplied by each company in response to a questionnaire; the nonwovens industry staff compiled the information in its final form. We have attempted to make this directory as complete as possible. We welcome any corrections and additions, which will appear in the 2003 Buyers’ Guide next July. If there are any changes, please contact nonwovens industry, 70 Hilltop Road, Third Floor, Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA; 201-825-2552; Fax: 201-825-0553; E-mail: nonwovens@rodpub.com; Website: www.nonwovens-industry.com.

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