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A Look At 15 Diaper Brands

By Carlos Richer, Contributor | September 16, 2010

DryMax, Superfit are among the subjects of new study.

We have lauched a new diaper report comparing the performance of 10 selected U.S. baby diaper brands and fve selected U.K. nappy brands, including the new Pampers Baby Dry Max and the new Tesco Super Fit. The report includes all key diaper performance variables, as well as detailed photographs of the fastening system, the peel and retractive forces, plus micro photographs of the ADL used in each diaper.

Featuring dozens of graphs and more than 100 pages, the report shows that the new Pampers Dry Max is thinner than its predecessor by almost 25% and 37% thinner than the current version of Huggies Natural Fit; it is also more absorbent with dryer rewets then the previous version of Pampers, but with very similar acquisition times. The Dry Max is also better in craftsmanship than before with less standard deviation for urine retention and with better pad symmetry than all other brandsRegarding the ADL, the new Pampers Dry Max uses 15% higher GSM than the previous version, at 69 gsm.

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After 21 years with Mexican diaper manufacturer Absormex where he served as general director, Carlos Richer retired in 2005 to start his own company dedicated to providing consulting services to the disposable diaper industry. His website,, contains useful links related to the diaper industry, as well as links to websites of diaper manufacturers and raw material suppliers from all over the world.

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