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Hartmann Sees Modest Growth in Q1

May 11, 2017

Incontinence management sales up 1.3%

In the first quarter of 2017, the Hartmann Group, a leading international supplier of medical and healthcare products, achieved a moderate rise of 4.5% in sales revenues to €504.2 million ($548.5 million). Meanwhile, all business segments exceeded their previous year's figure. EBIT showed a slight improvement to €37.3 million ($40.6 million) (previous year: €37 million/$40.2 million). The Group's consolidated net income of €25.1 million ($27.3 million) was in the same region as last year.

The Wound Management segment's sales revenues climbed 6.5% to €108.7 million ($118.2 million). The HydroTherapy treatment concept and the "Vivano" negative-pressure wound therapy system made a large contribution to this growth.

The Incontinence Management segment increased its sales revenues by 1.3% to €161.3 million ($175.5 million), thanks to a significant rise in revenues from MoliCare Mobile and the Menalind skin-care range. Through its important acquisition of Lindor in Spain the Group intends to further strengthen its market position in Europe from the third quarter onwards.

In the Infection Management segment, sales revenues rose by 7.9% to €127.1 million ($138.3 million). Here, the strategic initiatives aimed at improving hygiene compliance resulted in higher sales revenues in the realm of hand and surface disinfection. The Other Group Activities segment saw sales climb by 3.5%.