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Evolon earns high SPF rating

February 27, 2014

Freudenberg’s Evolon has been granted an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 80, the highest rating available under the UV standard 801, the only standard able to verify the durability of UV protection in real-life heavy use conditions.

Providing sunscreening or dim-out effect, Evolon is ideally suitable for curtains, roller blinds, sun shades, awnings, canopies and marquees specifically designed for sun protection. At the same time, Evolon’s medium weight versions can make outdoor, protective and sportswear garments with an exceptional UV protection factor even in the worst sun conditions. In addition, Evolon feels comfortable, light and breathable and is strong and windproof.
These properties result from a manufacturing technology featuring polyester and polyamide which provide “inbuilt” sun protection. Unlike conventional woven or knitted fabrics, Evolon has a particularly tight construction with a multidirectional laying, which avoids any gap between fibers. This high density microfilament structure allows Evolon to provide a durable sun protection, even after laundering. Evolon can be easily dyed or printed and is especially compatible with dark dyes, which will reinforce sun protection.