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Maxcess and Webex to merge following acquisition

February 12, 2014

Bertram Capital Acquires Maxcess and will Merge with Webex.

Maxcess has been acquired by private equity firm Bertram Capital, and will merge with Webex Inc. The merged company will operate as Maxcess, and retain the brands of Webex, Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR. The merger will leverage Maxcess’ global sales, service and manufacturing footprint to bring precision Webex roll products to the worldwide market.

The company says for Webex customers, the precision idler, bowed, heat transfer and vacuum roll products with which they are familiar will now be supported by one of the largest local sales and service teams in the industry. Maxcess offers a global manufacturing footprint and a global network of sales representatives and field service personnel to serve and support customers locally, or wherever their installation may reside. Webex customers will also have the opportunity to work with this same network to access web guiding, slitting, winding and tension control solutions. For Maxcess customers, the merger adds the precision idler, bowed, heat transfer and vacuum roll products already in use on their web lines to the guiding, slitting, winding and tension products available from the Fife, Tidland and MAGPOWR brands.

Maxcess manufactures a range of products designed to optimize web processing applications which includes web guiding, tension control, web slitting and roll supporting shafts.

Webex along, with its subsidiaries—Fox Machining, Magnat-Fairview and PFE Rolls—are established in designing and manufacturing precision rolls and specialized web handling machinery for a diversified set of customers within the web handling and converting industries.