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Mogul starts new bicomponent pet spunbond line

November 7, 2013

Turkish nonwoven producer Mogul is starting production of a new core/sheath type bicomponent pet/copet pet spunbond line.This will be Mogul’s first bico line, which will enhance its wide range of product offerings from spunbond to spunlace and meltblown.The new fabric will be sold under the Buffalo brand. Mogul recently started it’s second mono pet spunbond line that operates at 3,200 mm wide. With the new line the total pet capacity for Mogul will increase to 15,000 tons, making it one of key players in the pet spunbond market. The new bico pet line will provide area thermal bonded flat fabrics in round and tiptrilobal filament shapes in low denier. Estimated weight range is 17-135 grams; line width is 365 cm (144’’). Mogul says the new line targets industrial applications primarily.