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Freudenberg shows innovations at International Auto Show

September 23, 2013

Air-intake and cabin filters, along with innovative nonwovens from Freudenberg were featured on a variety of vehicles exhibited at the International Auto Show (IAA) in Frankfurt from September 12 to 22.

Freudenberg Filtration Technologies help reduce emissions and the newly developed motor air-intake filters prove that lower emissions start with cleaner air intake says the company. Modern, high-performance motors need clean air to reach their highest level of performance. An engine intake air filter is designed to free incoming air from contaminants; however, caked on dust will increase filter resistance, using more energy to take in air, ultimately increasing CO2 emissions. Freudenberg Filtration Technologies solved this problem with the completely synthetic, energy efficient micronAir engine intake air filter that has a large dust intake capacity and low pressure loss. The engine intake air filter saves 0.6 g (0.02 oz) CO2 per kilowatt hour which is 60 g (2.1 oz) an hour for a car with a 100 kilowatt capacity. Every engine intake air filter is a unique development from Freudenberg Filtration Technologies and is created in cooperation with partners and customers. The completely synthetic micronAir engine intake air filter will come standard in the new Mercedes Benz C Class starting next year.

Freudenberg's newly developed nonwoven materials used to clean the incoming air are primarily responsible for the engine intake air filter's properties. Freudenberg uses specially developed nonwoven materials in the interior air filters in numerous models exhibited at the IAA, such as those from BMW, Lamborghini, Mercedes, Mazda, Porsche, Seat and Skoda. Even the first electric vehicle from Volkswagen, the VW E-Up, has an interior air filter from Freudenberg.

Freudenberg Nonwovens also supplied the base materials for the malleable carpets used by manufacturers of various luxury car models.

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