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P&G to raise diaper prices

September 11, 2013

Procter & Gamble will raise diaper prices 5-7% to offset prices and better reflect improvements in absorbency and other features. The price increase will become effective later this month as new package counts begin hitting store shelves.

In a practice known as downsizing, P&G will keep pricing the same while decreasing the number of diapers. For example, P&G will cut eight diapers from its 140-count box of size-five Cruisers while holding the price steady. This will increase the price per diaper by 6%, from 33 to 35 cents. According to P&G, the price inceases follow improvements made to the products. Recent generations of the diapers are more absorbent and able to soak up more leaks.

P&G is reportedly making other changes to its diaper lineup. Its Swaddlers line of Pampers will now be available in sizes four and five to fit larger babies, and the packaging will be changed to better stand out on store shelves.

The last diaper price increase levied by P&G came in 2011 when a 7% increase went into effect to offset rising costs. P&G rival Kimberly-Clark, the maker of Huggies, raised prices around the same time. K-C has not announced any pricing increases to date.

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