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Oerlikon Manmade Fibers optimizes customer portal

August 26, 2013

Oerlikon Manmade Fibers has now optimized its global website for the products and services of its two Oerlikon Barmag and Oerlikon Neumag brands in a user-friendly manner.

Customers can now access tailor-made services even more easily and comfortably – and all this in eleven different languages and around the clock.

The relaunched customer website offers state-of-the-art online services for systems and machine customers by means of PC, tablet and smart device

The updated customer website reveals what users can expect just by looking at its new appearance. After logging in via a single sign-on procedure, the Windows 8 interface-style tiles permit fast access to all service modules no longer merely via a PC, but now also using a tablet or a smart device.

All registered customers receive access to all information required for operating their product portfolios – precisely tailored to the machinery and the specific requirements of each and every customer.

The core of the Website is the machine dashboard, which provides an overview of the customer’s own machines with all the relevant service data – including original parts catalog and operating instructions. The Media module supplies the user with the most up-to-date publications on the latest machine generations, comprehensive service offerings, training seminars along with technology support.

The e-shop offers far, far more than merely ‘shopping’: users are able to not only place orders, access and view corresponding status information and view prices and stock online, they also have access to all their inquiries and transactions, including all the corresponding documentations such as packing lists, invoices and waybills, over the past four years.

“Even major B2C online shops frequently do not have a function of this kind. For this reason, we also offer our customers innovative, leading solutions in our service segment – and even greater transparency for increasing efficiency.

"Our Website is online worldwide and around the clock and simplifies accurate scheduling of retooling times, the minimization of downtimes as well as optimum cost management with state-of-the-art functions," says Marcel Bornheim, Head of Customer Support.

This is not least down to the optimized database link. Customers can now link their own data – in Mi-crosoft Excel format, for example – even more easily with the ordering function and hence considerably reduce the time and effort required for entering data on the Website compared to the previous version of the platform.

Further innovations include the provision of information on special campaigns as well as the labeling of special products as hazardous goods. This will speed up any potential formalities when paying duties and importing goods. offers its services in eleven different languages. The system was developed over the previous months together with the new Saurer platform and is also available to Saurer customers.

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