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Freudenberg invests in recycling technology

May 17, 2013

Unit to recycled rejected materials added in Kaiserslauter

Freudenberg Nonwovens has completed work on a new unit that allows excess materials, rejected during the production, to be reused down to the last fiber. This investment, located in Kaiserslautern, Germany, is valued at €700,000.

“At Kaiserslautern, we have been recycling rejected materials such as start-up material and edge strips for many years. Nevertheless, the new unit represents a quantum leap in our everyday work. This unit will allow us to improve the quality of our proudcts and to offer our customers even better solutions, explains Steffen Reuther, the production manager responsible for operation of the new plant.
In the new unit, material from production is melted cooled and chopped into small pieces to form a granulate. The chips are returned the the manufacturing process and used to make nonwovens. “This production loop allows us to use raw materials more effectively. It also makes a contribution to environmental protection,” Reuther says.

The Kaiserslauter plant makes spunlaid nonwovens for construction, hygiene products and carpet industries as well as horticulture porudcts.

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