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Kelheim Fibres Launches Bramante Fiber At IDEA 2013

May 1, 2013

New fiber offers discrete incontinence solutions.

Kelheim Fibres, a leading manufacturer of viscose specialty fibers, has created a fiber,named Bramante, which combines an outstanding liquid absorption capacity and anextremely high retention level with the well-known benefits of viscose fibers, which arephysiologically neutral and skin-friendly, made of 100% renewable materials and aretherefore compostable, and release low-emissions when disposed in incineration plants. But Bramantealso enables the production of thin and discrete washable and re-usable incontinence pads –in contrast to other washable products that can be bulky and uncomfortable says the company.

“Thecharacteristic of our new fiber is its hollow cross section. While other products absorb theliquid between the individual fibers as in a nonwoven, for example, Bramante stores the liquidin its hollow center," saysSebastian Basel, commercial manager new business at Kelheim Fibres. "So, it not only delivers an excellent absorption capacity, but also amoisture retention level of 250% in contrast to 80% in standard viscose fibers. The liquidremains inside the fiber, even under pressure; as a result, the wearer feels comfortable, dryand safe.”

Bramante, which is already produced on industrial scale, is only one of a range of newlydeveloped viscose speciality fibers which Kelheim Fibres presented at this year’s IDEAshow.

Another new specialty from Kelheim is Olea, the first viscose fiber with intrinsic waterrepellent properties, according to the company. Fully biodegradable like all viscose fibers, Olea offers anenvironmentally friendly alternative for the cover- and back-sheets of hygiene products, e.g.for nappies, sanitary towels or incontinence pads.

Beyond this, Microfine, Kelheim’s finest viscose fiber, gives personal care wipes a luxury feel
due to its extraordinary softness.

But also Kelheim’s established brands Danufil, Galaxy and Viloft nonwovens were highlightsat the IDEA show, as Kelheim Fibres has been one of the world's leading suppliers of viscose specialities
for tampon and hygiene fibers for many years.

In addition to products for the nonwovens industry, Kelheim Fibres has made itself a name as the only European manufacturer of viscose short cut fibers for paper applications and now supplies these fibers to speciality paper manufacturers and wet laid nonwoven producers around the world.

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