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Dow Hygiene & Medical Launches Infuse OBCs For Elastic Blown Films

April 23, 2013

Infuse is a cost-effective solution that offers improved elasticity, stretch and sustainability.

At IDEA 2013 Dow Chemical’s hygiene and medical business has introduced its innovative, high-molecular weight Infuse olefin block copolymer (OBCs) for blown films. These grades offer soft stretch performance and improved elasticity for elastic diaper components, training pants and adult incontinence articles at a greater value says the company. In addition, they offer converters an opportunity for stable, high-temperature processability for maximum throughput and productivity in an all olefin solution.

Elastic laminates made with Infuse offer the elasticity and softness that consumers prefer for diaper ears, waistbands and side panels. Infuse derives this soft stretch performance from its lower glass transition temperature compared to conventional propylene-ethylene copolymers tested by Dow, resulting in laminates that help maintain body-hugging fit without irritation. In addition, Infuse allows processors to customize the level of elasticity needed and helps products retain shape when worn and stretched, making Infuse a comparable yet cost-effective alternative to styrene block copolymer elastic laminates.

Infuse OBCs are also based on light hydrocarbon feedstocks, which means they use low energy in the production process and have minimal carbon dioxide emissions.

“Infuse gives manufacturers the benefits that customers have come to expect but at a better value,” says Carlos Ruiz, global hygiene and medical new business development and North American marketing director at Dow. “Infuse is helping to reshape the elastic component market by offering a cost-effective solution that results in gentle, secure products for the utmost in comfort and confidence in film and laminate applications.”

The industry has recognized the value Infuse brings to the marketplace, and it has been selected as a finalist in the IDEA 2013 Achievement Awards, which are cosponsored by the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry and Nonwovens Industry.

Infuse OBCs were introduced to the marketplace in 2008. Dow technologists developed Infuse OBCs using a proprietary process and catalyst system, Insite. Infuse OBCs have the same ease of formulation and processing that is expected from a polyolefin yet exhibit flexibility, heat resistance, elasticity and durability says the company. In addition to Infuse, Dow offers a full range of products that meet a variety of needs and applications for the nonwovens industry.

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