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Ahlstrom partners with Dow on water filtration applications

March 21, 2013

Collaboration will market Disruptor nanoalumina technology.

Ahlstrom has entered into a collaboration agreement with Dow Water & Process Solutions, part of the Dow Chemical Company  to use Ahlstrom's Disruptor technology in drinking water applications. Ahlstrom Disruptor is a unique nanoalumina technology designed for a wide range of water filtration applications.

Ahlstrom  developed  Disruptor, which removes a wide range of tiny contaminants from water, in response to the global need for clean drinking water.  DW&PS will incorporate Ahlstrom's high performance, break-through Disruptor filter medium into a new set of drinking water purification products that provide excellent pathogen rejection while operating at high flow and low pressure.

"One of the key goals in our product development is to create products that purify air and liquids in a sustainable way. We are excited about the opportunity to work with Dow since we see a wealth of opportunities for providing pure water solutions through combining our expertise with Dow's industry-leading product offering," says Fulvio Capussotti, executive vice President, Advanced Filtration, Ahlstrom.

Ahlstrom Disruptor  virtually removes microorganisms that can cause sickness. Its unique combination of large pore size and very high electrical attraction potential enable efficient removal of virus-sized particles at a high flow rate at very low pressure.  Disruptor can be utilized in a number of drinking water applications, such as under-the-sink purification, tap water filters and water pitcher filters. It can be used in areas with no electricity, it requires no use of chemicals, and does not generate waste water.

"Global trends such as population growth and urbanization put pressure on already strained water sources," says Snehal Desai, global business director for DW&PS. "We see a real need for new innovations to expand access to clean safe drinking water in an easy, effective and sustainable way. Our collaboration with Ahlstrom extends our product offering to people who need effective water treatment but may not have access to pumps or electricity."

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