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Ahlstrom showcases expanded wallcovering line

March 5, 2013

Company presents Easylife range at China Wallpaper Exposition

Ahlstrom will presents its expanded Ahlstrom Easylife wallcover range at the China Wallpaper Exposition in Beijing, China this week. The company is developing new products in order to strengthen its leadership in the Chinese wallcover market.

Ahlstrom Easylife  product offerings range from 3D appearances to new backing and coated facing materials. Additionally, Ahlstrom will be partnering with HP, presenting its EasyLife  digital printing products with HP's latest Latex printing technology. Ahlstrom EasyLife  is quickly expanding into the digital arena and is positioned as one of the leading substrates for nonwoven digital wallcover applications.

Furthermore, Ahlstrom will sponsor the Ahlstrom EasyLife Cup, Wallcovering Design Contest at the Chinese Wallcovering Expo, March 5-7. Here talented wallcovering designers will gather together, displaying their creative and exquisite work, many of which are based on Ahlstrom EasyLife nonwoven materials. This type of contest is a great way to encourage creative and unique designs, facilitating the positive growth of the Chinese wallcover market, according to executives.

All Ahlstrom's new wallcover substrates have been developed to reduce environmental impact, as sustainability is a key focus for Ahlstrom. All products utilize FSC pulp and are CE and RAL approved. Recycled polyester is used in several new products, a process that has reduced our cradle-to-gate environmental impact by 10%

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