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Autefa Solutions sells fiber baler with automatic logistic solution

February 15, 2013

Autefa Solutions says it is experiencing global growth in its fiber balers business area in Asian textile markets as well as in Europe and North America.

Autefa has been manufacturing fiber balers and automatic logistics systems for the man-made fiber industry for over 65 years.

Alongside their application by viscose and polyester fiber manufacturers, fiber balers are also used in the pulp industry for filling fibers for diapers. Other areas of application include the pressing of pulp for the paper industry, the processing of filament tow in the cigarette industry and tow logistics for precursors in carbon fiber production.

Autefa recently implemented a large order for Maerkische Faser GmbH, a company based in Premnitz near Berlin, Germany. The system is equipped with state-of-the-art fiber balers and a custom-made logistics solution for the transport of fibers.

The new Uni-Fork system from Autefa Solutions replaces six manual balers and is fully automated, organizing complete fiber logistics for six fiber lines, including fiber bale packing, weighing and labeling.

The Uni-Fork concept replaces Autefa’s Uni-Box system. “By dispensing with heavy containers and using hooding packing Ad-Wrap, positioned downstream from the fiber balers, it has been possible to reduce initial investment costs by 40%,” says sales manager Dirk Falise.

The transfer fork Uni-Fork is universally applicable says the company. High-performance fiber lines are capable of producing over 300 tons per day or smaller special lines for aramids, polypropylene or spun-dyed fibers can be individually customized.

The automation is complete with hooding packing Ad-Wrap. Output of up to 100 fiber bales per hour is possible the company says.

The transfer fork Uni-Fork and the hooding packing Ad-Wrap have recently been awarded a new patent.

Other advantages according to the company include a reduction in personnel expenses, the high availability of the system and the short amortization period for the new system.

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