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Lenzing repositions Modal brand

November 26, 2012

New message highlights carbon neutral status

Lenzing is repositioning its Lenzing Modal brand to reflect its new production technology. The slogan, "Makes the World a Softer Place" will be changed to "CO2 Softness by Edelweiss Technology.

Lenzing symbiotic production process makes Modal CO2 neutral—the full integration of the site in Austria making pulp and fiber in the same location leads to the recovery of excess energy and valuable wood substances. Pulp production at Lenzing is energy self sufficient and generates energy for Modal production as a whole.

"We are proud that Lenzing Modal is CO2 neutral. Born form our desire to produce in an increasingly eco-friendly manner, we have developed proprietary production techniques and have become pioneers in the design of wood organic refineries," explains Dieter Eichinger, vice president Lenzing Textil.

Moving forward, Lenzing Modal will be available in gerater quantities and "bleached with oxygen," another step to make the fiber eco-friendlier.

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