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Elmarco: A Premier Supplier of Nanofiber Production Equipment

November 15, 2012

Nanospider technology on display.

Elmarco is displaying its industrial scale nanofiber production equipment for attendees at Booth 534. The company says it builds its success on partnerships with global industry leaders in a wide area of applications and on a close and active cooperation with leading universities worldwide.

Nanofibers can improve filtration products in ways, which will enable the production of higher quality, higher margin products. Improved filtration efficiency with nominal pressure drop increases will provide filter users with lower operating costs through reduced energy consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Elmarco's Nanospider production equipment allows the filter manufacturer to optimize the nanofiber layer to meet the growing demands of the filtration market. The filtration benefits of Nanospider electrospun nanofiber webs originate from a combination of features that differentiates them from other filter media technology. Nanospider’s ability to deposit a monolayer of continuous fibers results in highly porous webs of very light weight, finished materials.

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