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Reifenhauser reports record results

December 12, 2011

Sales beat old record by 12%.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011, the Reifenhauser is also reporting its most successful year of all time, beating its previous record year by 12% and exceeding the prior year’s orders by more than 50%.
“We wanted to emerge from the crisis strong than before and there is no doubt that we have accomplished this goal,” says Ultich Reifenhauser, member of the company’s management board. “The Reifenhauser group’s flexibility to respond to specific market situations has proven very successful in the dynamic times thanks to a strong focus on our independent companies on a product-oriented approach. The record results show that we have taken the right decisions.”
India, in particular, has been a strong growth area for Reifenhauser where it is seeing dynamic growth in the flexible packaging market as well as a growing demand for film proudcts. Reifenehauser is handling orders from India directly through eight locations in India.
Reifenhäuser has also begung the 2011-2012 period very positively. The company continues relying on the development of new technologies and products. Ulrich Reifenhäuser explains: “In our 100-year history we have always focused on our innovative force and we will continue making plastics extrusion sustainably successful in the years to come. Technological developments, e.g. improvements in nonwovens for hygiene applications, nine-layer blown film lines, surface protection film and optical films are only a few key issues that will secure the success of the Reifenhäuser group in the future.”

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