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Enercon receives innovation award

December 8, 2011

Plasma4 surface treatment technology honored

Enercon Industries was presented with the C2 Innovation Award at ICE Europe in recognition of the development of Plasma4 surface treatment technology. This revolutionary pretreatment technology is acknowledged for breaking ground in productivity, ecology and economy. Plasma4 was chosen by an international jury charged with identifying most innovative products, processes and technologies in the field of paper, film and foil converting developed within the past two years.
Plasma4 offers converters a new surface treating solution which provides high and long lasting treatment, extremely low gas consumption, and the ability to switch from a plasma to corona mode. With Plasma4 electrode breakage is eliminated while alleviating previous line speed and web width limitations. Automatic air gap adjustment and the ability to treat while virtually eliminating ozone are additional key benefits for converters.

The ingenious design breaks through production and economical barriers with ecology in mind. The system is a result of Enercon’s decade-long expertise in engineering and commissioning production grade plasma systems. The surface treating system adds value to engineered films, wovens and nonwovens by cleaning, etching and functionalizing surfaces.

Enercon’s Atmospheric Plasma Technology manager Rory Wolf says, “Early adopters of Plasma4 are impressed with the foresight put into the design which eliminates many of the industry’s previous performance barriers.”