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Optima investing €50 million in Schwäbisch Hall sites

November 29, 2011

Planning on future expansion, Optima has also purchased a 3 hectare plot of land.

Optima is investing approximately €50 million in the sites in Schwäbisch Hall within the next two years. More than half will go into new buildings and large scale renovations on existing buildings. Upon completion in 2013, the utilizable space will have increased from 30,000 m2 to 50,000 m2. Planning on future expansion, Optima has also purchased a 3 hectare plot of land.

At the same time, manufacturing, administration and research & development will be updated with the latest technology. €25 million has been earmarked in the years 2011/2012 primarily for production machinery, and IT, with additional funds for bringing new technologies to market. Optima will profit from the synergies within the group.

During a celebration, Hans Bühler, the managing partner, made reference to a current pharma project which takes advantage of synergies. He said, "A €15 million order, in which our competencies in sterile filling and pharmaceutical freeze drying are combined."
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