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EDANA offering R&D student grant

November 22, 2011

Students will have the opportunity to network with academics, researchers, scientists and engineers.

Students are being urged to apply now for a 2012 EDANA grant to participate in the forthcoming Nonwovens Research Academy which is being held in Gothenburg, Sweden on the April 19-29, 2012.

The event is being organized by the European nonwovens association EDANA. The Nonwovens Research Academy aims to promote fundamental understanding and knowledge of the science and technology of nonwoven fabrics, products and processes as well as related disciplines.

EDANA says the Academy will give students the unique opportunity to network with an interdisciplinary group of academics, researchers, scientists and engineers who will present and disseminate research studies relevant to the nonwovens industry worldwide.

"The EDANA nonwovens R&D student grant will allow you to attend this highly recognized event. You will have the opportunity to share your experience and findings by means of a poster, which will give you high visibility during the whole event. All travel expenses will be paid by EDANA," the organization says.

Applicants are eligible to apply for the NRA student grant if they are: An undergraduate student in at least the second year of study planning to undertake a dissertation in a nonwoven or related field; or a postgraduate student planning or undertaking a dissertation or a research degree in nonwovens or a related field.