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Radici gets on board of antimicrobial project

Published November 7, 2011
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RadiciGroup will supply yarn to Amicrotex, a project funded by the European funds for regional development with the goal of developing antimicrobial textiles. Two companies in the group’s fibers business area, Noyfil SpA (Italy) and Noyfil SA (Switzerland), will be involved in the project. These manufacturers of a wide range of polyester yarn will provide Amicrotex with a very special product: Starlight feel. This bacteriostatic yarn is manufactured using nanoparticle technology, whereby silver metal nanoparticles inside a silicon dioxide matrix are incorporated into the yarn during extrusion, and thus into the fabric when it is woven. Each silicon dioxide particle contains smaller silver metal nanoparticles located on the surface of the matrix and agglomerated in the entire silicon particle structure. The silver metal particles serve as a reservoir of silver ions (Ag+) that are the actual active agents against bacteria.

Silver nanoparticles, present both on the surface as well as inside the matrix, ensure the uniform distribution of nanoparticles in the yarn and provide both immediate and long-term bacteriostatic activity. Incorporating nanotechnology into the yarn spinning process endows Starlight feel polyester yarn with a number of properties, which set it apart from traditional products.