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FibeRio to launch new Cyclone at Filtration

October 27, 2011

The system builds on FibeRio's efforts to scale up its Cyclone L-1000 Forcespinning research laboratory equipment to commercial production.

McAllen, Texas-based FibeRio Technology Corp., a company created to commercialize Forcespinning technology, which uses centrifugal force to spin nanofibers, nanowires and nanorods, reports its Cyclone Fiber Engine (FE) 1.1 is the first industrial-scale model utilizing Forcespinning technology that is capable of continuously producing nanofibers via solution and melt spinning. The system builds on FibeRio's efforts to scale up its Cyclone L-1000 Forcespinning research laboratory equipment to commercial production. The new model also enables an increased range of materials to be processed and products to be manufactured at significantly reduced costs. FibeRio designed the machine to be integrated into an existing nonwoven production line to increase its productivity; or to be delivered as a discreet roll-to-roll system for specialty products or limited runs.

According to the company, the Cyclone FE 1.1 is able to produce nanofibers with diameters averaging 500 nanometers and below with a very tight standard distribution that ensures uniform slip flow, barrier or absorption, among other properties; and features a proprietary design that uniformly deposits the nanofibers across its 1.1-meter width. Raw material is fed to the machine via an advanced extrusion and solution pump system that can be controlled discretely or by software custom-designed to interface with the customer's factory floor controls.

"Over the past year we have received an outstanding response to our technology and equipment, with the largest nonwovens and filtration companies in the world asking us to provide them with equipment that will expand the market for nanofiber functionalized media through new materials and lowered cost," says Ellery Buchanan, CEO, FibeRio. "The Cyclone FE 1.1 has unparalleled output capacity and eliminates the requirement for toxic solvents making it the perfect manufacturing platform to spread across multiple business units. Nonwovens and filtration companies can now proceed rapidly to establish a secure, competitive position. It is a very exciting time for FibeRio and the nonwovens industry at large."

FibeRio will launch the Cyclone FE 1.1 at the Filtration 2011 International Conference and Exposition, organized by the Cary, N.C.-based Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) and to be held in Chicago November 15-17.

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