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Albany International's Primaloft keeping U.S. Marines warm

October 25, 2011

The USMC Extreme Cold Weather System is currently used by thousands of Marines stationed in the world's coldest areas.

PrimaLoft Insulation Technology, the research and development leader in high performance insulations used to enhance combat conditions for soldiers, has announced that the United States Marine Corps (USMC) has purchased 8,750 additional sets of the USMC Extreme Cold Weather System, which consist of parkas, trousers and booties insulated with PrimaLoft.

The USMC Extreme Cold Weather System (ECWS) is currently used by thousands of U.S. Marines stationed in the coldest areas of Afghanistan and across the globe. This new purchase brings the total number of PrimaLoft Extreme Cold Weather System units currently fielded to Marines to 58,750.

The Extreme Cold Weather System was developed to provide U.S. Marines with tactical advantages during challenging cold and wet weather conditions. The Extreme Cold Weather System includes a parka, trouser and booties insulated with PrimaLoft, and is packable, lightweight, weather resistant, and very warm. The Extreme Cold Weather System enhances Marines' readiness and ability to accomplish their missions even under stagnant, high altitude conditions.

"PrimaLoft takes great pride in our work to provide the best possible insulation technology to meet the U.S. Marine Corps mission readiness needs," says PrimaLoft Vice President and General Manager Joe Rumiesz. "We began working with the DoD 25 years ago, and we continue to advance our unique technology to address the specialized gear needs of our men and women in uniform."

The U.S. Army originally commissioned Albany International Corp. to develop a water resistant synthetic alternative to down. Today, PrimaLoft is the premier supplier of insulation to the United States Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Forces providing them with a tactical advantage over the enemy under exceptionally wet and cold conditions.