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SINCE '11 sessions providing an industry education

October 13, 2011

Conference topics ranged from global and regional trends to various manufacturing processes and sustainability.

While the aisles of the 14th Shanghai International Nonwovens Exhibition (SINCE '11) is teeming with inquisitive, potential buyers, the educational sessions available to attendees have proven to be equally as popular. Here, a learning experience is being provided about the latest nonwovens trends and technologies – to a filled conference hall.

Session topics ranged from global SAP trends and market developments (see NWI's new Online Exclusive), to descriptions of nonwovens processes by industry experts. Sustainabality was also among the subjects discussed.

Edward McNally, sales director, nonwovens, for Oerlikon Neumag, explained in detail to attendees the basics of different nonwovens manufacturing processes, and also discussed the latest technological advancements that have improved these processes. Among these advancements include alternate spinhole densities, and Oerlikon Neumag's 30 years of bi-component spinning allows for a wide range of fabric attributes, McNally said.

McNally also addressed what he sees as the nonwovens industry's biggest growth drivers: cost reduction, improved fabric performance, and sustainability.

On the subject of sustainability, Geoff Collins, Lenzing's head of sales – Asia, desrcibed his company's eco-certified offerings. "Sustainable fibers from Lenzing are made from wood, a renewable resource," he said, "and will lower your environmental impact."

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