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Pegas insures Egyptian investment

October 6, 2011

Deal protects plant against politically motivated damage.

Pegas Nonwovens has entered into an insurance contract with the Export Guarantee and Insurance Corporation for the coverage of risks connected with its investment in Egypt. The insurance contract includes insurance of the investment against the risk of prevention of the transfer of returns, expropriation or politically motivated violent damage. EGAP is 100% owned by the Czech Republic and its primary purpose is the support of exports and the provision of insurance services to exporters of Czech products, services and investments.
"Within the scope of the construction of the new production plant in Egypt we are also paying considerable attention to the elimination of potential risk factors. Apart from the insurance of assets and trade receivables, which we commonly use in the Czech Republic, we have taken the decision to also insure the Egyptian investment against risks connected to unexpected political events. In this way we want to secure the protection of the company's interests and assets to the highest possible degree,” says CEO František Řezáč,

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