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SCA launches inco product in China

September 12, 2011

The Tena Belt is being hailed as a gamechanger in a growing category.

SCA has launched the Tena Belt adult incontinence product in China. As a new member of SCA’s incontinence care product family, Tena Belt focuses on skin comfort and health. It has less material, increased airiness and breathability, providing more dignity for the patient and lesser burden for caregivers.

The Tena Belt includes breathable materials both in the pad and in the belt. The separate belt can also be washed a few times. The pad is attached with hook fixation onto the belt, which makes the application very easy, saving time and energy for caregivers.

“This innovative product is based on Chinese consumer insights and leveraging our global processes and expertise, has been developed in China within seven months from idea to launch, is manufactured in China and is now first launched in China. The Western markets are lining up to launch this game changing innovation also in their markets” says Stephan Dyckerhoff, president of SCA’s North Asia hygiene operations.

By 2050, more than 40% of the total population will be above 60 years old and almost 12% will be 80 and older. This rapidly ageing population is a huge challenge for the Chinese society. Since its entry into China in 2009, Tena has continuously been exploring ways to support China’s ageing population through relevant products and services.

This new product will give more comfort to the elderly and more importantly, we believe that it will be a strong support for caregivers working in the community. In Sweden, like in many European countries, the government values home-based caring for the elderly.

“We are convinced that the concept of home-based caring for the elderly which is also the traditional way of caring for the elderly in China, needs to remain the core way of caring,”Stephan adds.

In addition to the new product launch, Tena also announced its new home-nursing program. This program will start with offering Tena’s professional incontinence care guidance and services to disabled elderly from 200 families in Shanghai for free, to improve the quality of their life and help caregivers meet the challenges in daily care.

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