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NETInc keynote speakers announced

September 7, 2011

Carlos Richer will focus on disposable diaper trends in emerging markets.

Keynote speakers have been announced for the NETInc Innovative Nonwoven's Conference, to be held September 13-15, 2011, in Atlanta, GA, USA. The conference covers key technical developments in the nonwovens business and offers peer reviewed papers, expert speakers and a wide range of networking opportunities.

"The keynote speakers for the NETInc Nonwovens conference will address a range of important issues including legislative, market and technical topics as well as recent product developments affecting the rapidly growing global nonwovens industry," says Natalie Grooms, NET Division vice chair, Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc.

Tuesday's keynote session will set the stage for TAPPI's 2nd annual NETInc technical program. The NET Division strives to provide up-to-date knowledge on chemistry, process, product, and characterization regarding all nonwoven markets.

Peter Mayberry, Mayberry & Associates, LLC, will discuss recent developments regarding the FDA's medical device approval process that could have far reaching impact on nonwovens devices. Mayberry is president of Mayberry and Associates, which provides management and government affairs representation.

Carlos Richer, Richer Investment, will present a paper titled "Disposable Diaper Trends in Emerging Markets and How They Compare with Developed Markets." Richer is a disposable diaper industry consultant, who previously worked for 21 years with Absormex, a diaper manufacturer in Mexico. In 2005 he formed his own company, which provides consulting services to the disposable diaper industry.

Don Scott, VP of marketing and business development, Malnove Packaging & Packaging Solutions, will speak on "The Shape of Sustainable-Non-Woven Packaging." Scott will discuss the company's success creating a nonwovens packaging solution for the Purex brand of laundry detergent. The product was featured on a recent episode of CNBC. Malnove Packaging provides innovative packaging solutions and systems with four folding carton and converting plants in four states.

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