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Bastian Winder at full capacity

August 8, 2011

Winders for a variety of applications � including nonwovens � are being installed at every assembly station.

Bastian Winder Technologies, headquartered in East Westphalia, Germany, has announced that its plant in Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock is operating at full capacity. The company specializes in the winding of web materials, and currently there are winders being installed at every assembly station, or commissioned prior to being shipped to the customer site.

This is equipment manufactured is used for different applications and materials. Among others, there is an automated short roll winder for composite materials, an automated support-roll winder for nonwovens, and an automated winder for composite materials in the commissioning phase. In addition, there are fully automated and semi-automated unwinders for film and nonwovens, as well as an automated high speed winder for film material.

"This summer we are in a position to hand some of these machines over to our domestic and international customers. Then we will have the needed space for the assembly of new systems for which we received orders in the last months," says Hans-Georg Buckel, the company's managing director.

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