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Mitsui Bullish About North American Automotives

July 11, 2011

Investment in U.S., Mexico will go after recovering auto makers.

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. and partner Prime Polymer Co. has announced a 27,000 ton production increase in the U.S. and Mexico to target the growing demands of the automotives segment. In the U.S., through the subsidiary Advanced Composites Inc., the companies will add a 14,000-ton polypropylene line to bring its capacity to 226,000 tons while Mexican subsidiary Advanced Composites Mexicana will get a 13,000 ton boost to bring its output to 45,000 tons.

According to the company, demand for automotive materials took a hit in late 2008 but has since recovered not only in emerging markets such as China and India but also in North America. As a result, Mitsui has targeted intensification and expansion of polypropylene production in major worlrd markets as a key growth initiative.

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