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Martex Stresses Zero Landfill

July 5, 2011

Fiber company to increase waste collection company.

Martex Fiber Southern Corp., Spartanburg, SC, has unveiled its new campaign to stress the importance of ZERO Landfill and support the idea that waste reinvention is possible in the U.S..Dr Steven Chu, U.S. Secretary of Energy summed up Martex’s new credo by stating that"Going forward, we want to see these things not only invented in America; we want to see them built in America and it's that combination of invented in the U.S., built in the U.S. and sold worldwide that is going to be the heart of our future."
Martex is putting these goals to action with new product development and plant expansions. The firm is challenging every textile mill to reconsider its textile waste and make sure that "No Fiber [is] Left Behind.” It is helping companies to understand what is possible with their waste streams, both ensuring that all materials are actually getting recycled into a product while no materials inadvertently go to the landfill, and potentially creating a new source of revenue for that waste. As the people who work for Martex often say, “Your waste is our raw material.”
In the next two years, MFSC's corporate goal is to increase its waste collection efforts from 110 million pounds per year to 150 million pounds per year. To meet this goal, the company has begun increasing its recycling capacity by 50%. This summer, the firm will add 25% more jobs and 50% more equipment to its Lincolnton, GA yarn spinning facility. The firm is also adding 50% more capacity in its recycling operation in Spartanburg, SC.

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