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Chicopee J-Cloth Awarded For Innovation

April 27, 2011

Green cleaning solution recognized for biodegradability and compostability.

Chicopee's J-Cloth 3000, the green cleaning solution, received the Innovation

Trophy for best product during the Europropre exhibition

in Paris, France. During the award ceremony the jury referred to the

combination of bio-degradability, compostability and the

compliance with the food contact clearance regulations

as key factors that make the product unique in the market.

Christian Briday, Chicopee's sales director for France, Spain and Portugal,

expressed the enthusiasm with which Chicopee has

received the news of winning this Innovation Trophy. He

stated that the “Federation des Entreprises Proprete et

Services Associes” (FEP) and the journal services are well

respected authorities in our branch.

This trophy is also a confirmation that environmentally

friendly products are gaining importance increasingly

in the market. The award winning J-Cloth3000 is a

biodegradable and compostable product in the segment

of disposable wipes. The product is tested by an

independent test institute. Based on the test report the

German institute “Din-Certco” has allowed J-Cloth3000

to use the seedling logo. On top of that J-Cloth3000 is

certified for Food Contact Clearance by ISEGA.