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Bruckner Offers New Spunlace Technology At INDEX

April 18, 2011

Offers uniform drying and temperature.

Bruckner, a major producer of bonding and finishing lines for nonwovens, launched a new spunlace manufacturing technology last week at INDEX. Leonberg/Germany. This new technology provides for: a uniform drying across the fabric width by uniform application of the thermal energy and a uniform temperature distribution during the complete drying process due to finely tuned air circulation.

The new flow-through dryer Supra-Flow BH is a modular system which is absolutely flexible, which can be enlarged anytime and saves a lot of energy. It is characterized by the typical alternating Brückner split-flow design which provides for an absolute uniform air circulation around the fabric throughout the complete drying process. Also the temperature distribution remains constant over the complete fabric length and width. Even with high speeds there is a uniform level of drying and residual moisture in the fabric. The reliable fabric transport is ensured even with the lightest fabric qualities due to a newly developed belt and air fixation of the fabric.

Brückner’s patented Venturi nozzle which is installed in every burner unit provides for an optimum mixture of circulating and fresh air. Flow resistances are minimized which allows considerable savings of energy. An additional reduction of the energy consumption is possible due to the intelligent heat recovery system. A control system for temperature, circulating air and air humidity provides continuously for optimum conditions in the interior of the dryer. A control system adapting to the line speed is integrated into the line, too.

This new system was installed late last year for the first time and has been successfully set into operation. The user benefits with each meter of fabric from the constantly high quality of his products and above all from the high profitability of his line.

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