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Tredegar Awarded For Software Innovation

April 14, 2011

Flowertool assesses eco-efficiency in manufacturing.

Tredegar Film Products was one of three companies to receive an INDEX Innovation award in the new category of Sustainable Management Practice and Process at INDEX this week.The award is for Flowertool, a software system developed by Tredegar Film Products in conjunction with and certified by University L’Aquila, Italy, Department of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Materials.Tredegar Film Products has applied for a patent on this new software system which assesses the eco-efficiency of industrial systems, facilities and products based on scientifically and technologically validated models and indicators.Flowertool is based on the already established LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) methodology and has a "cradle to cradle" oriented structure which provides a "cradle to customer gate" LCA study and includes Scope 1, 2, and 3 GHG emission sources.
This system can help businesses determine a current baseline for their business operations, sites and products.Flowertool can also help businesses determine sustainability targets and measure and monitor their progress toward those targets.The results provided by Flowertool allow businesses to have a clearer vision of eco-efficiency and related impact categories of industrial processes, sites and products.
Tredegar Film Products is utilizing Flowertool to assess the eco-efficiency of its supply chain and is making the system available to businesses in the industry that need this capability.We will combine our efforts by partnering with customers on their strategic sustainability initiatives and investing in innovation.
Flowertool can be customized based on specialized business needs and is available in two versions:1) Standard – with the identified plastic film industry indices, and 2) Premium – a custom tailored system. Tredegar's overall goal for Flowertool is social responsibility and public awareness of eco-efficiency.

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