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Lenzing Technologies On Display At INDEX

April 13, 2011

Viscose, Tencel offer benefits to nonwovens.

Lenzing presented its Viscose and Tencel technologies were highlighted at INDEX. The success of these products is based on the following two main drivers. On the one hand, Lenzing focuses on continuous process and product development; on the other hand, the company closely cooperates with the market in order to react quickly to the changing needs of the entire supply chain. Wolfgang Plasser, vice president Business Unit Nonwovens, said, “Our aim is to optimize the synergy between functionality and environmental sustainability. This allows consumers to use convenience products with a clear conscience.”

Lenzing fibers are naturally absorbent and pure, like the cellulose from which they are derived. Tencel meets the highest demands: The New Age fiber combines enhanced performance with gentleness to the skin. Lenzing Viscose and Tencel are ideally suited for sensitive applications such as wipes, hygiene or medical products. Beyond this, they are tailored to provide optimized performance in technical applications. After use, Lenzing fibers can biodegrade fully—Nature returns to nature.

The global trend in sustainability clearly supports Lenzing’s intention to grow both in traditional and emerging markets. Driven by the increasing awareness of consumers, the industry places more and more emphasis on environmentally responsible raw materials such as Lenzing Viscose and Tencel. Mr. Plasser added,“Our fibers are in great demand. This has encouraged us to increase capacities at most of our sites.” The expansion program responds to the growing demand for manmade cellulosic fibers and will further secure Lenzing’s leading world market position.

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