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IFAI To Hold Technical Fabrics Symposium Tomorrow

April 13, 2011

Sessions will focus on fabric graphics, geosynthetics and more.

The IFAI will hold a symposium on selected technical fabric markets Thursday during INDEX. The symposium, which is being offered free of charge by the INDEX 11 organizers to all registered visitors and exhibitors of INDEX 11, will focus on fabric graphics, geosynthetics, smart fabrics and construction/building.

Surviving in today’s technical fabrics market environment requires companies to have a thorough understanding of the market conditions they operate in now and in the future. Insights into market size, growth and trends is critical in order to make informed decisions about your business—whether it’s trying to invest in product development, deciding what markets to participate in, or figuring out how to set a strategy that works well within the market conditions existing today and in the future.

This symposium from IFAI (Industrial Fabrics Association International) focuses on overviews of four U.S. market segments: Fabric Graphics, Geosynthetics, Smart Fabrics, and Construction/Building. Each overview provides a comprehensive review of the U.S. market situation (size, growth rates, trends, etc.) to help you better understand the current conditions within each market so your company can take appropriate action in the future.

This Workshop will be led by Jeffrey Rasmussen, Market Research Manager for IFAI. It will be held in the Hall 4 conference area from 9:15 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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