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Fibervisions Launches Fine Fibers Line

April 13, 2011

Products will lead to lighter weight nonwovens

Today, Fibervisions unveiled a new unique line of fine fibers at INDEX 2011 which will help nonwovens producers continue their evolution toward high-performance lightweight and soft nonwovens. FiberVisions has developed cost effective polypropylene (PP) fine fibers in response to the continuing need to make carded nonwoven fabrics more cost effective. Finer fibers allow the nonwoven fabric manufacturers to produce lightweight fabrics maintaining fabric strength and fabric coverage while improving fabric uniformity and softness. Developed for drylaid, wetlaid and airlaid fiber formation, the new range of fine dtex polypropylene (PP) staple fibers offers unmatched softness and coverage, high nonwoven tensile strength and low density (ca. 0.9 g/cm³) for uniform, thinner and lighter nonwoven fabrics. They also provide higher efficiency for filtration products. This creates new opportunities for customers to source fibers from as low as 1.0 dtex to 1.7 dtex for their nonwoven applications.
“FiberVisions fine fibers create lower basis weight fabrics and materials with enhanced hand-feel. They have been developed in response to the continuing challenge to make fabrics thinner and lighter without sacrificing strength and barrier properties,” said Karena Cancilleri, business director Hygiene, FiberVisions. “We are looking forward to exploring their benefits with the nonwovens market.”

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