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Calemard Launches Pegase II

April 13, 2011

Third generation slitting and spooling technology aimed at jumbo rolls.

At INDEX, Calemard introduced The Pegase II, its third generation technology, which has been developed to slit and spool sensitive nonwovens. The targets:to produce jumbo rolls and to guarantee no stress, no tension, no elongation, no twist on the nonwovens strips. The company’sspooling technology has been engineered to respond to the ADL producers’ need to improve productivity, mainly for baby diaper production lines, by producing jumbo spools at high speeds (up to 600 m/min). These jumbo spools hold 12 to 30 km of ADL to give roughly 10 times running time of slit pancakes on a diaper line.

This third generation of Pegase uses state of the art technical solutions: accurate web regulation tension, very precise web guiding and strip conveying, wide double shaft unwinder for up to 850 mm mother roll loading down time, and various options for productivity improvement (VPN liaison, production parameter acquisition, pneumatic counter-cutter shaft…)

Another important advantage of this new Pegase generation is its new ergonomic ultrasonic splicing unit. This two-step web splicing solution is a proven and accurate technology to produce unequalled quality joins, without any colour fading or burns. The technology consists in an ultrasonic cutting operation which splices two layers together combined with an ultrasonic lamination which enables the splice to recover almost the original characteristics of the web.

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