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GDM Showcases Single Culling System

April 12, 2011

System developed with Accusentry.

GDM is showing INDEX attendees its Single Culling System, which won it an INDEX11 Awards’ Innovation in Machinery category. GDM’s Bruno DeMichele, sales area manager and marketing was on hand to highlight the system. “Innovation, technology, efficiency and sustainability are not simple words for us.” GDM’s solution was developed in collaboration wih AccuSentry.

This year’s theme for GDM at INDEX 2011 (stand 1570) will be :

GDM producer and supplier of solutions for the HDP sector and value generating for its clients. Seven fundamental value generating components of GDM’s plans :

-Global marketing achieved through a network of branches and production sites which can rapidly offer customer the assistance they need. So far there are production sites in Brazil, Italy, China and branches in the USA, Turkey, India, Russia, Japan and Indonesia.

-Customer Oriented Organization. All GDM sites and branches around the world are structured and organised on the basis of customer needs to facilitate and simplify managing their services. -Customer Care. By always listening attentively to its customers, GDMcan formulate and offer consultation such as: Technical and financial analysis, market research, product development, production cost analysis, technological updates.

-After-Sales Services. Using personalised after-sales service such as spares management, technical assistance, tele-assistance, Asset Protection Service (APS) production services, software updating and production data management, GDM guarantees high level long-term production efficiency ensuring the safety of the investment through the Insurance Investment System

-R&D and Innovation. Continued research, development and innovation of technical and process solutions in close collaboration with customers, suppliers, raw-materials producers, universities and specialised studies into three-dimensional production process simulations.

-High Tech Solutions. GDM offers a complete range of technological Platforms which can cater for the ever growing market needs.

-Sustainability. GDM manages its business with the greatest attention and respect towards people and environment all around. In particular, the new items being presented during INDEX 2011 are:

-In the Customer Oriented Organization: othe new production site in China and after-sales branch in India

-For High Tech solutions:
oThe new START technological platform GDM offers this platform to provide an answer to the D&E market and to all the producers who wish to consolidate and increase their production volumes through selling high-service competitive products at low costs of production.

For Baby products, these are machines designed to produce traditional or winged products at a speed of 500 ppm ; for the Adult (Incontinence) sector, there is a line for hospital pads or adult diapers at a speed of 200 ppm.

oFor the “incontinence” sector, the X3M AT machine at 450m/min and able to produce multi-piece diapers for adults with rigid and elastic panels applied using “Zero Waste Adult” (ESPertA) technology.

-In the R&D and innovation realm, GDM will present: oThe “Single Culling Process System” solution which will enable waste reduction when changing raw materials of only one product.

oThe new DISCovery platform based on an innovative rotating process which joins some distinctive elements of this new “platform concept” such as:
·Technological innovation
·High efficiency
·High quality
·Optimise and contain production and product costs It is possible to summarise the objective of this platform by borrowing a NASA definition: “Discovery seeks to keep performance high and expenses low by using new technologies and cost caps” and also making it our Vision of this project which is “Faster, Cheaper, Better”.

The first machine based on this new platform will be made for the Lady sector. It enables production capacities of up to 1500 ppm in fluff or airlaid configurations and to make lady products, panty liners and products for light incontinence;
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