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PGI Announces Long-Term Investment Strategy for High-Growth Developing Regions

April 4, 2011

New investments in Central Brazil and Southern China to capture market growth and solidify leadership position.


Polymer Group, Inc. (PGI) announced long-term strategic growth plans to invest in new state-of-the-art spunmelt manufacturing operations in South America and China to solidify the company’s leadership position in these high-growth markets.

The plans and timeframe include the following: PGI will make an immediate follow-up installation of a state-of-the art, custom-designed spunmelt machine and a pilot line at its current facility in Suzhou, China, that is expected to result in commercially available material in mid-2012.

PGI will have a greenfield installation in Southern China by late 2012 with multi-line expansion capability.

The company also will have a greenfield installation in Central Brazil by early 2013. Site selection for this facility is currently underway.

Longer-term investment plans include a third spunmelt line at its plant in Cali, Colombia, where PGI holds a leadership position serving the Andean Pact Market.

PGI’s new capacity will employ industry-leading equipment and technologies, combined with proprietary technological developments, to deliver differentiated materials to customers for use in applications such as baby diapers, adult incontinence, and medical gowns and drapes.


“PGI has a proven competency expanding in the developing markets, as demonstrated by its successful establishment of new manufacturing facilities in Suzhou, China, and Cali, Colombia, in recent years.We are excited about the prospect of building our presence in the Brazilian market and Southern China to position ourselves to capitalize on local opportunities in these regions,” said Veronica “Ronee” Hagen, chief executive officer of PGI.


“This expansion in product capability and capacity is part of PGI’s ongoing strategy to provide superior solutions to the marketplace and meet our customers’ needs for higher-performing products that offer an optimum combination of barrier and comfort with improved performance attributes,” she said.


Michael Hale, PGI’s chief operating officer, said, “Our latest investment plans demonstrate our ongoing commitment to growing our leadership positions in core segments and partnering closely with our key customers to create differentiated product offerings that deliver value and give them a competitive edge in the marketplace.”


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