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TYPAR Geocells Tested by U.S. Army Corp of Engineers for Flood Control

February 2, 2011

Innovative cellular confinement system offers efficient, durable flood fighting solution.

TYPAR Geocells were recently tested by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Research and Development Center (ERDC) at their Coastal and Hydraulic Lab (CHL) in Vicksburg, MS. This test, which evaluates a system’s ability to withstand a variety of flood-related conditions, shows that TYPAR Geocells outperforms traditional sandbags in all tests performed – including time to install, seepage, time to remove, and overall endurance. TYPAR Geocells also have significant advantages over other flood control products in some key areas as well.This impressive performance illustrates that Typar Geocells are a highly effective choice for flood control.
Well known for its ability to significantly reduce the turbidity of storm water runoff, Fiberweb also saw potential for Typar Geocells to be used in flood control applications and sought testing by the leading authority. “The recent testing performed by ERDC reinforces the positioning of TYPAR Geocells as one of the most effective systems in the market to fight floods,” said Brian Whitaker P.E., CPESC, technical sales manager for Fiberweb, Inc.
Composed of a durable, nonwoven fabric in a honeycomb configuration, Typar Geocells is three-dimensional and can be filled onsite to produce a stable, self-supported flood fighting structure. TYPAR Geocells is lightweight and easy to construct, but strong, rugged and able to withstand differing heights of flood water.All the components needed to construct the confinement system can be transported to the site in a sports utility vehicle and deployed without the use of heavy mechanical handling equipment.

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