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Invista Offers PolyShield, OxyClear Resins

December 1, 2010

Invista, one of the world’s largest integrated polymer and fiber producers, is offering PolyShield resin, a monolayer PET barrier resin that meets the shelf life and barrier requirements of oxygen-sensitive food and beverages, including beer. Invista is also introducing OxyClear barrier resin, a new crystal clear oxygen ingress barrier tailored for oxygen-sensitive food and beverages, such as juice, tea, wine and sauces.

“PolyShield resin has proven in commercial applications around the world that it can meet the rigorous performance criteria demanded by brewers,” said Torsten Schmidt, business director PET Packaging Resins, EMEA. “PolyShield resin not only meets the performance expectations of brewers but it also provides a cost-effective packaging alternative that is recyclable within the colored PET stream.”

PolyShield resin features an oxygen and passive carbonation barrier when combined with MXD6. This resin provides outstanding clarity for tinted bottles. PolyShield resin/MXD6 blends can be processed on standard PET preform and bottle manufacturing equipment. This technology provides a cost-effective solution to brand owners that need high-barrier PET bottle packaging to protect and differentiate their products. OxyClear barrier resin is based on the reliable and proven PolyShield resin plus an oxidizable polyester. OxyClear barrier resin is a polyester-based system that contains no nylon or nitrogen. This resin protects highly oxygen sensitive foods and beverages against oxygen ingress beyond 12 months. In addition, OxyClear barrier resin has the equivalent clarity as standard, bottle-grade PET in colorless containers and can be recycled in the standard PET stream.

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