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AccuSentry Offers Centerlining Paradigm

December 1, 2010

AccuSentry has developed The Centerlining Paradigm, an integrated step-by-step strategy for activating vital inspection data to improve the production process of absorbent hygiene manufacturers.

“To protect their brand equity, many companies have spent significant sums installing automated inspection systems to ensure defective products do not reach their customers. Because these systems are primarily employed as ‘quality control’ tools, manufacturers rarely collect, utilize or exploit the data for improving their production process. Harnessing the wealth of process information delivered by 100% product inspection can be a vital step toward enhancing overall production efficiency,” said Wei Siong Tan, president and CEO of AccuSentry.

The Centerlining Paradigm requires establishing a set of standard product measures with significant impact to the production process and presenting them in the form of graphs on a visual display called the Dashboard. The operator then runs the production line based on a set of established target centerlines, by controlling the natural process variations to fluctuate around the centerlines.

The Centerlining Paradigm promotes a standardized control of the production process, simplifies the operator training and improves the production consistency.

The Centerlining Dashboard provides an effective means for manufacturers to take control of their process by standardizing production setup across shifts, different operations and product styles.

“Successful implementation of this Paradigm requires the commitment from the plant management down to the line operators. The Centerlining Paradigm enables manufacturers to discover the hidden jewel of process information delivered by 100% automated product inspection. The paradigm provides a practical and holistic approach to deliver significant improvements across operations, thereby enabling manufacturers to achieve unparalleled performance levels,” said Dr. Tan.