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Converting Line For Crepe Paper Streamer Rolls

November 1, 2010

Elsner Engineering Works continues to strengthen its role in the party goods market with the debut of a converting line for producing crepe paper streamer rolls. The featured component of the line is the Elsner Model LS-MS-15 Fully Automatic Log Roll Splitter.

The Elsner Model LS-MS-15 Fully Automatic Log Roll Splitter may be coupled directly with an Elsner Rewinder. It can be optionally hand-fed for off-line utilization as well. The machine handles unclosed rolls up to 5-1/2 (140 mm) diameter. Hot-melt glue is used to hold the roll closed. The multi-blade cutting unit processes the log into pre-determined finished widths (1.75 to 2.75 finished products from 20 to 30 logs). Elsner also updated the operator interface to ease use of the machine.

The complete line consists of the Elsner Model LS-MS-15 Fully Automatic Log Roll Splitter coupled to the popular Elsner Model V-5-30 Fully Automatic Rewinder. The Rewinder is equipped with a dual cantilevered unwind designed specifically for this type of product for quick mill roll changes.

As with all of its recent machine builds, Elsner incorporated features geared toward the ideals of World Class Manufacturing into this project. Elsner strives to provide machinery that serves its overall function while simplifying operating and maintenance practices. With this line, features such as color-coded adjustment fasteners, green operation zone on air gauges, adjustment and position scales and even a modem in the electrical cabinet for remote assistance were incorporated.